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How for the first time to plunge with an aqualung? Comparison of height and depth of

At a depth is silent. The breath developing into a gurgling is heard. It was difficult to me to make up the mind to this step. But I waited for it long - after 800 meters of height there was a wish to experience depth. The fear gave way to curiosity. And here - again behind the back serious freight - the guarantor of your life. A cylinder with oxygen. Nearby - one more teapot from Romania. The company to us was kept by the guy, already once dived. And the professional from Germany.

To islands of only 20 minutes. Usually I rock to sleep, but this time the brain was occupied by another - whether I will be able to breathe under water and not to choke? Whether I will sustain pressure? What will be if it does not turn out? No, perhaps, I did not think of it. Even did not represent any post factums .

Arrived. The suit, the smallest size, became covered, fitted extremities tightly. Hardly got. Hands shiver. State To jump with a parachute it seemed easier. There it was necessary to take a step. Here - to spend about an hour under water. Parachute jump is as the lottery ticket : bought and erased. Knew the result. To make walk under water is how to come into exotic restaurant , to order a dish, to wait for it minutes 40, and then slowly to savor, hoping that on one of ingredients you have no allergy.

Before immersion the instructor explains communication signs: American OK - everything is all right? . If yes - you answer the same. Something disturbs - so - so . Water got into a nose - press a nose bridge and exhale. To breathe - it is exclusive through a mouth. It is difficult. At first especially - it seems, absolutely unnatural. Breath is quiet, the more slowly and more deeply, the there will longer be enough oxygen. The more deeply you fall, the more clearly you feel pressure upon ears. As soon as you feel discomfort, you squeeze a nose and as though you try to exhale. The deformed ear traffic jams rise into place. How often it should be done? You Will feel . Well, well nervousness only accrues.

The cylinder, as well as a parachute , put on me on a side. Before you put on a mask, it is necessary to spit in it and to pound saliva. The strange custom was explained with enzymes which contain in saliva - they do not allow glass to mist over.

The last stroke and - descent. the Instructor does something with a cylinder. What? The thought rushes by, without answer. In ears unusual silence in which you hear only breath. Then gurgling. And meanwhile before eyes fishes suddenly appear. They scurry about in the world, apparently, without noticing guests. Pupils extend. You do not realize the first minutes at all that happens to you. There is a wish to give a hand and to catch at least one big fish. Eyes run up. The movements are too fussy. There is a wish to look round, turn back, see everything and at once. The instructor notices: Everything is all right . Of course, of course! In minutes 5 first feeling of pressure in ears. Aha - here it. Really, felt. A breath - an exhalation A breath - an exhalation Life is concluded by in this simple process: a breath - an exhalation it is ingenious!

From observed beauty there is a wish to smile as to the small child who saw something tremendous and fascinating. It is impossible. Water gets under a mask. Also you will not understand, in a mouth or in a nose. The first reaction - convulsively to blow it. If there is a need, in a tube of a mask it is possible to spit.

And still after a while when you already accustom, wants to dive more deeply. You see a crack in crust, at the bottom, pulls, tightens. It is impossible. Beginners have the limit further which is not necessary better. But it is difficult to restrain. As though returned when you take the first steps, everything is new, everything wants to be touched, tasted, felt to the touch. To learn.

In flippers it is a little inconvenient - legs should be moved from a hip. Slowly. Without vanity.

Time stops here. only the breath, an exhalation and silence Is. And the instructor who raises a finger up as the Roman senator, keeping life to the gladiator. Here this sign without pathos - we rise (opposite - a finger down - we go on depth ).

A couple of minutes - and we already over water. the Breath - yes, there is a wish to shout. And to smile. Never thought that to smile so naturally, easily and so probably on a state, but not on action. The debut was successful. 43 minutes. 9 meters. Speak, it is not so bad for the first time.