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What to make with old furniture?

At last! You became the happy owner of a brand new accurate angular sofa, glossy complete kitchen or still to some remarkable utensils from house furniture. You already represent how it will look in an interior of your house and as it will be convenient to you to use it, but... Before all your thoughts are embodied in reality and the fairy tale will become bylyyu, it is necessary to decide one small, but very pressing problem - what to make with old furniture?

At some such question even does not arise as distressful dachas and garages surprisingly easily absorb in themselves surplus of a house situation. And it is simply wonderful if the favourite chair continues to serve faithfully where - nibud on a verandah of a country house. Only, unfortunately, all have such opportunity not and not always.

The first moment to which it is worth paying attention is a condition of furniture. If the table already all warped and hanging only by a thread, or at a chair one of legs got lost somewhere, then the decision will be quite obvious. The furniture needs to be thrown out.

It is possible to make it, having taken it to pieces and slowly transferring to trash cans. Or having asked the broad-shouldered neighbor to take out furniture entirely. The second option will borrow much less time, but it is connected with a certain risk. By rules, export of construction debris is out of cognizance of city services. Therefore exposing the same little table at trash cans, it is possible to hope that it just to somebody will attract. And the risk is that instead of grateful new owners of the left furniture, angry employees of ZhEK can appear and try to fine you the four-digit sum.

If a condition of furniture quite decent, and appearance does not cause complaints, then it is possible to try to realize for it a certain sum of money. For this purpose it is worth advertizing in local newspapers, to post the same announcement on the websites on the Internet and to walk on neighbors. You are surprised when you learn how many neighbors suddenly need to get your shabby sofa at the favorable price. But to answer calls and it will want to receive potential buyers not to everyone. And time process of sale occupies much. Therefore it is possible to train for a new profession for some time from the seller in the patron and to feel the generous benefactor.

It is possible to present furniture without leaving the house, by means of the Internet. Recently there was a mass of the websites with the heading I will give for nothing . React to such announcements very quickly, especially in the presence of the photo given . If you not too are on friendly terms with the Internet and wish actions of more real, then can call service of the social help. Believe, in your city there are many people for whom this furniture is necessary, but they cannot afford it owing to various reasons. It is possible to give furniture to nursing home, to orphanage, to disabled people or needy. It will be a noble act.

But as practice shows, the most effective and fast way will be to hang up the announcement in the neighboring hostel. In the same evening you will have couple of students who without excess talk will take away everything that you offer them, having told at the same time several cheerful and amusing stories.

Regardless of the fact that all of you - decide to make with old furniture to release space, it is necessary to take away under this process at least several days. Otherwise there can be such situation when you have to take phone and to call in firm which is engaged in dismantle and utilization of furniture. And, of course, you should pay for it the unlimited sum of money. Though it is possible, this way will please someone most of all.

And finally it would be desirable to notice that you can make the most surprising discoveries, having removed furniture from the place taken by it for years!