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Features of ethnic cuisine of Montenegro. Where all this can be tried?

National dishes of Montenegro are simple, available to perception and execution. Therefore to wait for appetizing miracles and to look for here global culinary delicacies are not present sense. But tasty and cheap to eat, without being afraid of negative reaction of a stomach to an unfamiliar product, here it is possible. So, the good is sent in addition in culinary light Montenegro in which most of our compatriots is guided already very well without special preparation and without knowledge of language.

National drinks

In Montenegro cult drink is coffee - generally local production. Coffee begins each new day and any conversation in cafe here. Tea does not enjoy popularity though and pleasant for a stomach local tea from a camomile " will be useful; Kamilitsa or from " mint; Nana .

As for alcohol, here to it the relation ambiguous. The paradox is in what is drunk here much, however drunk on the street and in public places will not meet. Alcoholic products of the next on relationship and the neighbourhood of the countries are of special interest. A national alcoholic masterpiece - raki, light 43 - 50-degree moonshine with a flavoring palette of natural shades. Raki is driven from plum, grapes, a fig, an apricot, a pear, apple. From here such lovely tender names - Shlivovitsa Rod Vilyamovka Destroying . Raki is drunk easily, and the head for the morning does not hurt, however you should not abuse not to provoke an aggressive state or a depression.

It is peculiar so-called Rum of domachiya (rum house), a little luscious, but with chocolate or morning coffee it is good. Liqueur of two " brands is rich on tastes; Bitter sheet and Pelinkovats true drink of druids, bitter, forest and invigorating.

A special subject - wine. In Montenegro, the country rich with vineyards, make fine wine which treat very seriously here. Write books and scientific works, hold exhibitions, festivals and tastings. Vranats and Krstach - the most popular and known wines of Montenegro. So, Vranats red dry wine, is characterized dark rubinovo - red color, pronounced high-quality aroma, harmonious taste, prunes notes, soft, pleasant tart aftertaste. It is recommended to use at the room temperature from a beef chop, game dishes, dried and jerked beef and cheeses, having opened a bottle for half an hour before giving. Krstach white dry wine of light golden color, possesses fresh pleasant taste, characteristic high-quality aroma, shades of green unripe grapes. It is recommended to use cooled up to the temperature of 8 - 10 degrees with salads, seafood dishes, juicy soups and especially with the river trout prepared on a grill.

National dishes

Should note such culinary work as Chorba soup - soup. Chorba happens fish and veal, cream soup, very nourishing thing, especially with corn home-made bread reminds. What is characteristic, soup call broth, chicken or meat here. Perfectly in Montenegro cook meat of a kid and lamb, generally bake it in the furnace or fry thoroughly long time on a spit.

Well and, of course, how not to tell about the main national pearl - Prshute - the dried pork. Just Prnut with its unforgettable specific taste it is ideal as a souvenir. Prnut it is the best of all to buy in cutting, without forgetting to look at date. The integral piece of such meat, as a rule, with a bone is also hard cut.

It is important not to mix with Pechenitsey too the pork reminding smoked gammon or with Slanina smoked fat. Is also Domacha of kobasiyets home-made smoked sausage which to eat crude is not recommended, it is better to cook in separate water and to add to soups, haricot or potatoes dishes. Other meat local works ( Shunka - ham, Virshle - sausages), unfortunately, are absolutely tasteless.

Also in Montenegro it is possible to taste cheeses of house preparation. The most unusual to taste is cottage cheese in olive oil, Cheese from a beehive . Certainly, also fish, sea and river, fried entirely, with amazing gas station from garlic, seasonings and olive oil is beautiful.

Very tasty, in white wine sauce with tomatoes and garlic, prepare mussels, here they carry the name Shkolki or Mushli . Such dish comprises all table of Mendeleyev, gives force and endurance, especially to men. From delicacies it is worth tasting octopus salad. And the richest on the maintenance of a pure protein are, of course, shrimps who distinguish by the size. Shkamp - small, Gambora - big. And here such phenomenon, as roshtil with fried sausages or cutlets ( kobasitsa chevap pljeskavica ) from the forcemeat soaked with salt solution with soy addition, it is better for gourmets to avoid.

What places should be visited?


to derive pleasure from a lunch or a dinner, needs special mood, time and, the main thing, the place. It is enough such interesting and appetizing places in Montenegro. The lunch or a dinner for two here will cost on average 20 - 30 euros. Let`s call some known and checked places.

" Restaurant; Chatovich Mlini in the town Moren, on the way from Herceg Nova to Risn. The restaurant is located on the coast, at the foot of the mountain. The home ethnic cuisine, a smart landscape create romantic mood around and make up for appetite.

" Restaurant; Pechenyara on the way to Podgorica. The well-known roadside institution reminding an old tavern. Simple situation and incredibly tasty meat of a kid.

Leonardo is in Podgorica. The Italian restaurant with traditional Italian cuisine. Laconic and effective situation. It is possible to taste the home-made pizza, paste, meat, fish on a grill served with the Italian home-made sauce.

Don code of Nikole in Budva. Is on the coast where Slovensk a plazha. The situation and design with sea attributes reminds the old piracy ship, the worthy choice of seafood and a rich wine list, everything is calculated on awakening in everyone appetite of the old salt.

Konoba Scala Santa in Kotore, in the Old city. The thorough family institution sustained in the best Montenegro traditions. Home and real ethnic cuisine, traditional design.

Mozart in Budva, in the Old city. Here paradise for sweet teeth. Tasty desserts, cakes and various options of coffee - for example, coffee in Russian with vodka.

How to choose good cafe or restaurant in Montenegro?

Most important - forget about refined and expensive interiors. Montenegro does not attach special significance to style, and the elaborate design is definitely not an indicator of good kitchen. First of all, having appeared indoors, listen to smells and sounds, like the atmosphere. Everything has to promote appetite only around. Pay attention to details - tables, cloths, napkins as far as they pure and new. What public whether there are married couples with children, and also that people order - I go or only drinks.

Before finally making the decision, study the menu. In the normal place will offer you accurately printed menu and a wine list in the Russian or English languages. Ask what is not clear, with pleasure will show you unfamiliar dishes or products - here like to communicate with the got hungry guests. Ladies receive the special relation and attention: you should not be surprised if on a little table there is a glass of " wine; on rachun to a heap means at the expense of an institution. As for service, irrespective of the place, it is necessary to wait for the waiter long, simply it is not accepted to hurry here, all becomes polako slowly

All bon appetit, new gastronomic finds and adventures!