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When natural gas explodes?

during cold weather increase consumption of natural gas . What it is caused by, it is not difficult to guess. In - the first, heating furnaces and units, and in - the second get into gear, without having waited for heat from the central source of heat supply, the freezing respectable citizens are forced to create for themselves temperature comfort operation of gas stoves.

Really, natural gas is cheap and available fuel . Brought a match and here - thermal and even light energy. It is rather easy for it to operate and use. whether

But everything so reliably and simply?

Natural gas is extracted on gas fields, and it from the place of production on gas pipelines arrives to our gas stoves and heating devices. It is possible more simply - to plates and coppers. As it is good. Take and use!

So we take and we use. The actions brought to automatism: we light a match, we bring it to a gas torch, we open the crane Correctly, and it is necessary. Gas cannot allow to come out without burning, differently

the Main combustible component of natural gas is methane . It is one of hydrocarbons, from - for whom there is a lot of noise - political, economic Contents it in natural gas can be to 98%. Except methane ethane, propane, butane are a part of natural gas . Treat nonflammable components: nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, water vapors. By the way, it is interesting to know that combustible elements of the table of Mendeleyev in our nature are only carbon, hydrogen and it is partially gray . More nothing burns.

Methane in mix with air in 5 - 15% of cases is explosive , i.e. at fire introduction mix instantly ignites and allocates a large number of heat. Pressure at the same time increases by 10 times! What is it and as it looks, I will not explain, believe the author - terribly!

We will imagine (let it will be a bad dream) that indoors which has an internal volume of 100 cbm. there were from 5 to 15 cbm. natural gas (I will notice at once that the specific smell at the same time will be intolerable). And here someone goes in a night shirt, a cap and with a candle in hands there. He so wants to learn - what so in a disgusting way stinks Does not learn! Will not be in time

natural gas has no color, taste and a smell. it is odorirut! That`s it, give all known aroma and intensity of a smell is done such, that a human nose felt gas when its volume already makes 1% . It means that another 4% and a bad dream with someone in a night shirt, a cap and a candle in hands will become reality to

Extinguish at least a candle. Also do not use any electric devices. Temperature of ignition of natural gas is in limits of 750 degrees With , and it is temperature of any electric spark or even tip of a cigarette during an inhaling.

Open windows quicker and doors - do draft , such that broke a cap, and the hell with him, with this heat. Natural gas is approximately twice lighter than air and it will quickly depart to the atmosphere. you Call

in gas service, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, militia , anywhere, will not take offense. Report to them about detection of a smell of gas. Do not forget to tell the address. Surely communicate to neighbors . Well and what that you remained in one night shirt, it, maybe, will be and it is pleasant to

of Good luck to you, heat and tranquility!