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When dance skyscrapers?

Recently Dubai became the city where the most courageous architectural plans are realized. What was only not constructed on coast of the Persian Gulf at the expense of oil money of the Arab sheikhs: here and man-made archipelagoes from artificial islands, and improbable skyscrapers among which the highest will appear in the world in the near future even the smart underwater hotel is available.

It is difficult to present what the imagination and abilities of the best world architects in the largest city of Arab Emirates are still capable of. But about one, absolutely mad, in good sense of the word, the project it is known precisely. By 2010 in Dubai promise to build the rotating high-rise building developing the electric power by means of forces of nature.

Generally speaking, the rotating designs is not the new word in architecture. In 2004 in the Brazilian city of Curitiba the residential building " was put in operation; Suite Vollard capable to turn by 360 degrees round its pivot-center. But in Dubai other scope - an eighty-floor skyscraper. It is expected that it will become the beginning new - a dynamic era in architecture which will force to forget about a familiar expression of the German theorist of art Schelling: Architecture - the stiffened music which was very actual the last one and a half centuries.

The author of the innovative project - the Italian of the Israeli origin David Fischer, the head of the " company; Dynamic Architecture . It possesses the patent for the dancing skyscraper issued in 2004. For the last thirty years, after the termination with honors of university of Florence, Fischer developed and created, created and realized various projects in the sphere of construction and architecture, having created as a result own style which ideal embodiment will be a rotating skyscraper Dynamic tower .

On the twenty fourth of June, 2008 in " hotel; Plaza - York the architect presented the to New a child to general public. Fischer`s project is already considered the new brilliant word in architecture and in addition the new concept green constructions. The first tower 420 meters high will appear in Dubai, and the second as the architect declared, in Moscow. In the capital of Russia I will tell about the project separately, at the end of article.

Fischer also declared interest to Dynamic tower investors from 11 countries and that in the long term the rotating skyscrapers will appear around the world. On a press - to conference it was reported also about the beginning of order taking for purchase of apartments in the Dubai skyscraper which cost makes from 4 to 40 million dollars. The pleasure, of course, not from cheap, but it is worth it.

In the project of a skyscraper Fischer considered what, at first sight it is impossible to consider: the fourth measurement - time. The live building which will change after seasons, meeting dawn and seeing off a decline, constantly being in the movements of intricate dance, will throw down a challenge to traditional architecture. By the way, what symbolically, on the presentation in New - York a roller with the dancing skyscraper was shown under a waltz from Swan lake Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. A look behind the " windows; Dynamic Tower never will be monotonous, and the architect promises that rotation of floors will not bring inconveniences to residents at all: the skyscraper very smoothly, at a small speed will be turned.

What image will move Dynamic tower in passing developing energy in the environmentally friendly way? And the matter is that the skyscraper designed by Fischer has two features which, naturally, and are main to no - Hau of the architect.

In - the first, the Italian master thought up how to use for the benefit to the child the wind which is usually strongly annoying high-rise buildings. Between floors turbines, only 79 pieces which will rotate all structure will be located. Each floor will move irrespective of all others, and owners of apartments on the top will be able even to regulate rotation speed. By 360 degrees the skyscraper will rotate, in each timepoint changing the appearance: time of one turn will make an hour and a half.

In - the second, system of power supply : the building itself will develop energy, and, above all - in such quantities that will be enough by calculations and for the next structures. So much electricity to a skyscraper will be provided by solar panels and wind turbines: both means are very effective in relation to Fischer`s project. So far the sun shines, that is in the afternoon days, about twenty percent of the photo cells located on roofs of each of 80 floors will be turned to a heavenly body thanks to permanent rotation of the building all the time, and it means continuous receipt of energy. Turbines - the peculiar windmills put horizontally will be hidden between floors, but thanks to special materials and their unusual design it will not be visible and is not heard. At the expense of air streams they will develop energy, and at the same time to rotate floors.

According to Fischer, it will be much simpler to realize the unique project, quicker and the main thing - is cheaper, than to build a usual skyscraper. The way of construction is one more innovative idea of the Italian architect. The whole blocks - ready details the dancing tower - will be made industrially, and then to be delivered to a site. Then workers whom it will be involved less too than on building of usual skyscrapers, will connect details to the bearing axial part of the building as if details of the meccano, just very big.

Such technology guarantees reduction of terms of construction, higher quality, depreciation and even relative safety on a building site. In fact, will build a skyscraper, literally, only at a stage of construction of the central tower - a motionless core where it is supposed to place mines of elevators, ventilating and communication systems, and also other engineering.

What will occupy 80 floors of the Dubai tower? A skyscraper, It is necessary to tell, will not be completely inhabited: the first twenty floors will be given for offices, then fifteen floors of six-stars hotel. The following thirty five floors - smart apartments, and on the top a titbit - ten floors of elite country houses. On the top floors there will be also parking by which cars will rise by means of special elevators. On a roof it is supposed to equip the pool, to lay out a garden, and also to construct a helipad.

Finally I will tell about the project close to Russians of the rotating tower in Moscow. As envisioned the skyscraper will be seventy-floor, 400 meters high. The organizer of construction is called the international company Mirax. In fact, the capital tower will be analog Dubai, only below. Here only the investors who are going to be enclosed in the Moscow project have one problem.

Though Sergei Polonsky, the president of Mirax Group, also declares that the skyscraper at a design stage and will appear within the third transport ring by 2011, is trusted it so far hardly. And that is why: the Mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov said in interview to journalists that about any similar project did not hear. The city`s mayor also noted that in case of receipt of the offer, the authorities of Moscow will surely consider the possibility of construction of the rotating skyscraper.

Here so imperceptibly the future creeps. Today the skyscraper dances only on drawings before David Fischer`s eyes and in videos. And tomorrow the richest people of the planet as if heroes of the fantastic novel, will enjoy the changing look behind a window of the country houses to operate electronics by force of a voice and to rise by the 78th floor, even without going out of the car. In Dubai on Fischer`s project all quite so will also be!