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How to become more self-assured?

Uncertain and hear

How many us such in this world? Thousands, millions, billions? It seems to me, it is easier to count the number of self-assured people You think, only you have this problem? Anything similar Talk to anyone, it will turn out that all doubt something to a greater or lesser extent. Another thing is that not everyone admits it.

Doubt the forces, doubt correctness of perfect acts, doubt to whom to connect destiny (whether on love whether where more warmly to be attached). Heads of the states and simple workers, professors and students doubt, all to some extent are not sure of something A difference only in uncertainty degree. Absolute confidence - already mania.

However if you were tired of constant doubts and uncertainty, it is time to change something. Well, first of all, change the relation to the uncertainty. Understanding that the majority toils with a similar problem, will remove from you a considerable share of experiences and tension that is already good. It will allow to assess soberly a situation and to begin searches of sources of your uncertainty.

Most of psychoanalysts meet that overwhelming part of fears, complexes, problems and other pleasures of life it is put in the childhood. In the same place roots of our uncertainty lie. Often uncertainty was adopted by us unconsciously from parents, only as interaction model with world around. Approximately during the same period the self-assessment begins to be put. Partially and it is adopted at parents, partially they create it. And so, the self-assessment is very strongly connected with confidence degree.

These thoughts are not rewritten by me from clever books. The matter is that since the childhood being very uncertain, I faced it closely. Many books were re-read, methods which and without efforts gave at once to self-confidence, well were tried to discover, you understand However, business, to put it mildly, was not got on Till that time, so far I did not begin to be engaged in a self-assessment. And through couple of occupations as on wave of a magic wand increased confidence. Now - that I know how closely they are connected.

People with the underestimated self-assessment always need others approval and seldom respect themselves. From where to undertake confidence if the person constantly thinks that will tell about him if he constantly waits for approval, but without having received, it underestimates a self-assessment even more? If at everything at the same time to concentrate only on the shortcomings, failures etc., then it is no wonder that there is not enough confidence, to put it mildly.

Raise a self-assessment and receive confidence as pleasant collateral effect. Not to stir for nothing, I will give extremely effective exercise on increase of a self-assessment and confidence. Imagine yourself among people, maybe, it is your neighbors, and can - the administration, or this is the British Queen, here to you to solve. Present that all these people begin to admire you, pay you compliments, praise, just present, nothing difficult. Yes, at the beginning brakes squeak, but then it is more and more fascinating. The main thing, do not forget about reality After two - three times your attitude towards itself radically will change, you deserve it!

Not zaklitsivaytes on the uncertainty, look at it differently. Perhaps uncertainty will open for you a fascinating way to itself.

And finally several councils how to strengthen the confidence:

1) use auto-suggestion,

2) begin to respect and love yourself slightly stronger right now, than yesterday,

3) concentrate on the udacha and achievements,

4) spit authorities, you know better that it is necessary for you,

5) make decisions and be sure of the correctness, at least, till that time until life proves the return.

the same, act, all in your forces. And confidence to you on this way