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Why to conjure badly?

we Will ask a question to ourselves: what is of people ?

From the point of view of philosophy: I think, means I exist life is the movement something that all can but does not understand as . From the point of view of science physical: live organism the most reasonable being .

Many people saw ghosts, movement of things by air. And someone is capable to feel aura, predisposition of the interlocutor, to learn instantly where - who - when? and it is not a limit of our opportunities.

But more concrete we can receive something, having only connected all together. And it will be only an iceberg top. Surprisingly, how much we can But whether we need it? Whether we need nobility and be able all? The fact that units can can also not all others can well?

Really, all would like to move things at distance, as if then life became simpler? Or to be a psychic, than not more favorable? As far as then life would change? And here all also becomes complicated.

If to go deep into a question, then the opportunities which are released to us by god really should not be exceeded. Why not? It is already more specific question, on it we now and we will answer.

We will present that the person is capable of everything: to go to an astral, to move objects of various weight on distance, to communicate with the dead, to read foreign mind, to know the future. Agree what chaos would begin to be created in the Universe? In any case chaos, people would not exist. Elementary wisdom: For bolsh (about / e) y by force, heavy responsibility disappears.

By itself there will also be also offenses, behind them the following explanations, and there both wars, and total destructions. Where without it? But if the person is so ideal, he will not know about consequences? Means will not make similar mistakes. Also it will be boring for small fish to live then as in an aquarium. The outcome one, people will not become, there will be no slightest desire.

It on condition of the fact that all people are developed equally.

We will consider other option.

People are developed on a miscellaneous. Someone owns telekinesis, someone ekstrasensorny abilities, someone the medium and so forth

Well, then turns out most too, and we will return to initial: or the mankind will be divided into castes and the strongest which further and will destroy themselves will survive, or they (we) will arrive more cleverly and will destroy everyone and everything at once. Too one outcome, total genocide.

You should not go in cycles in other versions, from one final.

We will consider the third option.

All people are developed on a miscellaneous, or is identical, but anyway have paranormal abilities. These people are taught by past mistakes, are reasonable, live in harmony. Develop steadily and very quickly. There are no wars, one world and love.

Finally the mankind will be included into the deadlock in development. With guarantee will invent eternal life . Life it will become identical to all saturated and boring. People will know and be able " again; everyone and everything . The mankind will lose the purpose of life and will die out.

I here that also remains the last option, unique and true. Initially the person knew nothing, was not able, it is a way of our present, a way of harmonious development. Getting over between technologies, the person to study some certain branches of self-improvement. In other words everyone does that wants, everyone chooses the profession, the family, the ways of a survival.

In that case, there is even no separate individual who would become made . And it excludes possibilities of all three above-stated versions with one, deplorable outcome.

The conclusion can be drawn with the naked eye: it is necessary to rejoice to what we have.