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Which of architects could recover a stone?

Are mistaken those who think that the great masters capable to create wonders of the world lived only far back in the past. In times, close to us, on border of the 19th and 20th centuries, in Spain the architect and the artist Antoni Gaudi who conceived to recover a stone worked. And it almost managed it.

But what it means - to recover a stone? The master wanted to make it as if live, smoothly changing a form and color, dreamed that from dead, cold stones grew leaves, branches and roots. He created the style called surrealism in architecture. Some call Gaudi`s style a peculiar modernist style. He tried to obtain fantastic architectural forms in the izvrashchyonno fancy constructions, widely he used the curvilinear, mutually flowing surfaces, vanguard architectural elements.

The threefold Catholic temple conceived by it had to become the real masterpiece: Christmas Passion of the Christ and Revival . The plan was so grandiose, labor-consuming and on anything former not similar that for all life of Antonio could not finish it completely. Christmas continued to build after Gaudi`s death, in 50 - x years of the 20th century.

Incomplete was also its well-known church of the Holy Family (in Spanish Sagrada Familia) begun in 1884. This structure had to become the center of the complex of Catholic buildings including schools, institutes and other educational institutions. Since 1891 Antonio spent all the time on a building site; worked hard not only over appearance of the building, but also over its color scheme, itself projected also internal furniture: lattices of a handrail, plafonds, furniture. On his plan in church everything had to repeat the movements of wildlife.

Since 1914 Gaudi about anything the friend also cannot hear, how about work over Sagrada Familia. He penetrates into each trifle, subcontracts nothing to workers, everything does itself or captiously observes, doing uncountable amendments, behind how others work.

He as if felt that he will not manage to finish this wonder of the world, and very much hurried, exhausting himself to the last degree.

Unfortunately, it appeared the rights. The ridiculous tragedy tore off his life: in 1926 Gaudi died under tram wheels.

The church of the Holy Family was tried to be completed, being guided by ideas and drawings of the master, but without Gaudi, his talent, fully to make it it was impossible. And though works are continued to this day, the master would hardly be satisfied with what was seen: the difficult interlacing of forms is not decked by the bright poured paints as Antonio dreamed of that. But also in such incomplete look the church in Barcelona strikes all who visited here at least once.

Nothing similar in the world was created earlier and will be hardly ever constructed. Gaudi everything is it was succeeded to recover a stone.