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Whether it is possible to bring up the person out of human society?

of Mowgli - the beautiful character of Kipling fascinating not the first generation of readers. Mowgli who is brought up by wolves, a panther and a bear. Mowgli differing in beauty, mind and nobility. Mowgli - the marvelous fairy tale of the jungle

Tarzan who is brought up from the cradle by monkeys, the hero and the defender of wildlife. Sir Galakhad defending the fortress of the jungle. According to the book, Tarzan learned to speak, could even marry and communicate with people of various social standing including with representatives of society, without finding any monkey habits.

The only thing that remained at it from monkeys - it is acute sense of the territory of pack, desire to protect at any cost the reserve in the jungle, spiritual affinity with all wild animals. But as the desire to protect the nature is inherent also in the best of people, it is possible to tell that Tarzan is almost ideal example of human breed.

Various Mowgli and tarzana pass through all world literature, beginning from old fairy tales in which children were raised by both animals, and fairies, and goblins, and brownies, finishing with a modern fantasy where robots and computers already began to be engaged in education.

But the matter is that at all appeal of these stories, they remain only fairy tales. The person who is brought up out of human society be his tutors that robots that wolves, cannot be considered as the person any more. It it is also not.

In development of the person there are certain borders, temporary thresholds when laying of this or that function is optimum or becomes already impossible. The child learns to speak, imitating parents, studies bipedalism, imitating adults - everything it is known that children by no means begin to seek not at once for circulation on two extremities, they begin with movement like animals, on all fours (the big area of a support, is less than probability to fall). If not to train the child to go, then he and will run on all fours, even when will grow.

By the teenage period (12 - 13 years) in a brain all intellectual potential which only develops further is put already. Real Mowgli could not be learned to the human speech, human behavior, would not apprehend the moral values inherent in people. Even ideal Mowgli Kipling, and that thinks of categories of the jungle even then when he lives with people.

The people who are brought up out of human society have a disease which is called Mowgli`s syndrome . It is set of a number of signs which are shown at those who were brought up and grew far from people. The inability to speak, inability to bipedalism, desocialization, fear of people belongs to such signs (people are perceived as strangers, not members of pack beings of other breed), inability to use tableware (the one who suffers from Mowgli`s syndrome can distinguish a fork from a spoon, but is not able use them).

Mowgli it is possible to teach to imitate human behavior, but it will be training. In the same way train dogs to ask on walk, and cats - to use a box with sand. However, if the child was returned to people before approach teenage threshold 12 - 13 years, still it is possible to adapt it to society, but mental deviations will remain with it until the end of life.

For the same who crossed an age threshold the real adaptation is impossible. For example, real Tarzan would never learn bipedalism as these skills are put at early children`s age, and to monkeys Tarzan got absolutely a crumb. The only thing that would be possible for Tarzan - monkey gait, with a support on bones of fingers.

The case when the girl who is brought up by dogs identified herself with a dog even then when she learned to speak is known. From her point of view, it did not belong to mankind, and was a dog. Sometimes, that absolutely healthy in the habitual animal " environment; Mowgli die, having got to human society - for them it not only physiological, but also deep cultural shock.

The person - the real person, but not a being having human physiology - can be brought up only in society, in society, in group of people. Only personal contact allows to receive and pass on experience which includes also the elementary principles of hygiene in which parents train children, both cultural, and cultural wealth. The supreme cultural wealth cannot be transferred some other way, except direct communication in society at all. If the person is a participant of many various groups, communities of people, then he has an opportunity for development in many directions.

The society, society, a community of people are done the person not just biped orthograde mammal, but true by Goma by the sapiens - the homo sapiens.