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What insurance is necessary for you? On everyone the firefighter...

Emergencies at least once, but interfere in life of each person. The essence of insurance is in guaranteeing you financial protection against possible troubles in exchange for a monetary contribution. It is necessary only to decide against what states of emergency you want to secure yourself.

Medical insurance

will allow to Receive medical care in time and without excess delays the voluntary medical insurance (VMI). The main thing - to solve whether complex service in policlinic is necessary for you or enough once a month to have an opportunity to visit some one expert, how prestigiously there has to be a medical institution and in what area it has to be. Of all these parameters there is VHI cost. The more insured events will provide an insurance package, the level of medical institution will be higher, subjects your policy will cost dearer.

Farther everything simply: ached - you call by telephone specified in the policy, and the expert will prompt where to go and what to do. It is important that the occasion of the request for the help got under definition of insured event, that is corresponded to the program chosen by you. For example, if you have an insurance on rendering the stomatologic help, then to cure on it antritis will not turn out any more.

Travel insurance

already now without medical policy which insures the tourist on a case on travel entrance is forbidden

In the majority of the countries. Such policy costs 1 - 2 dollar a day and guarantees that in case of an indisposition you will put in hospital, will pay drugs, will deliver home; and if your stay on a hospital bed drags on, then will even bring to you the relative. However the similar insurance provides only rendering the emergency help. If you plan to spend holidays, skiing or diving, tariffs for an insurance for you will be higher, especially if you plan to be engaged in extreme types of tourism in the territory of Russia.

From accidents

This type of an insurance suits those whose activity or a hobby are connected with the increased risk for life and health. The conclusion of such contract assumes that in case of misfortune the company will pay to you treatment, all necessary drugs and operations. You determine the sum which you want to receive in case of state of emergency. And the cost of the policy will depend on your profession, a way of life and period of validity of the contract. Policies of assurance of accidents, as a rule, work no more than a year.

Life insurance

Life insurance allows not only to receive insurance protection, but also to save up means therefore this type of insurance is called accumulative. Here the principle works similar with bank: you regularly make contributions, and by the end of validity on the account a certain sum collects. This sum brings in you the income on the established interest rate (as a rule 4 - 6%), and also allows to count on insurance protection in case of unforeseen incidents. And in case of death of the insured person the insurance company will pay to his relatives monthly monetary pay (rent) or will one-time pay the sum designated in the contract. Car insurance

without having bought

the policy of the CMTPL - obligatory insurance of a motor vehicle liability, you have no right to take the wheel. The cost of this policy in all countries is identical, it is defined by the legislation of the Russian Federation, and pays off depending on your driver`s experience, type, power and term of operation of the car, or accident-free your driving was emergency before you signed this contract. The maximum sums of compensation of damage according to the CMTPL are identical too and the amount of payments for car repairs of the victim cannot exceed 120 000 rubles.

DSAGO is a type of voluntary insurance which expands the insured sum according to the CMTPL. That is, if several Bentley cars became participants of accident, then can not be enough for a covering of damage of payment of the CMTPL, and then you should pay the remained sum from the pocket. DSAGO is urged to solve such problem.

The COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE (a transport type of insurance) protects your car from stealing and from damage. The insured sum of the COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE is usually equal to the market value of the car in a standard complete set. One more type of an insurance about which motorists should know, - life insurance and health of the driver and passengers.

The insurance can be calculated on two systems - lump-sum and system of places. At lump-sum system all people who at the time of accident are in salon are insured: that is in case of road accident will pay you a certain sum which you will have to divide into the number of victims. And at insurance on system of places, each passenger seat in the car is insured.

Insurance of property

to secure itself against the fire, a robbery and just not to think, where to take means if you suddenly flood neighbors, the property makes sense to insure. Actual the question of insurance becomes for apartments with fresh expensive repair. It is possible to insure finishing for only 0,3 - 0,4% of their cost. It is worth remembering that to receive insurance payment, it is necessary to meet all terms of the contract.

So at a loss occurrence you are obliged to take all possible measures for prevention or reduction of damage, and also for rescue of insurance property. Pay attention that insurance companies can refuse to insure your property, in particular the apartment if you did not establish a metal door, the alarm system or lattices at windows (if you live on the first floor). And also, if in your apartment without special permission partitions were demolished or re-planning was made.

Mortgage insurance

the Conclusion of the contract of insurance is an indispensable condition of delivery of a mortgage loan. Thus, the insurance guarantees to bank that it will receive the money what happened to you. If as a result of accident or a serious illness you are not able to pay the credit, for you it will be made by insurance company. The insurance tariff averages 0,5 - 0,7% of the credit sum. It is necessary to pay for an insurance before the termination of term of the contract with bank. And if you paid the credit ahead of schedule, the insurance remains, but its cost will considerably be reduced.

Pay and sleep peacefully! Insure what it is terrible to you to lose: car, apartment, person, reputation or life. Insurance companies will undertake all cares.