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What is rider ?

the Rider - the word which came from the western show - business in our Russian. It is formed from the word ride - a trip, to go.

According to contents the rider is a list of requirements imposed by the actor (or group) to organizers of tour performances. Actually, this transfer of all those conditions under which actors will feel comfortable to, in time and after performance.

As a rule, the rider is divided into two thematic parts: technical and economic.

The technical part according to the name stipulates requirements for physical carrying out performance. For the Russian performers until recently it was the question of use of a soundtrack. After adoption of law, it is impossible to lip-synch if about it it is not specified on posters. Many stars of music world carry with themselves own sound producers, some other personnel; in large numbers things and a requisite are transported - in a technical rider the possibility of use of various pyrotechnic means and so forth makes a reservation if it is necessary. Sometimes technical aspects of carrying out action are listed in the main contract between the actor and organizers, but not in a rider directly.

To economic part of a rider of actors at noble public much bigger interest as this part describes household needs of the actor. First of all it requirements to the place where the actor will be before performance - hotel, a make-up room, restaurant or the dining room and others. Also any delicacy and desires of the actor register. The particular interest of admirers is caused by culinary preferences of their favourites - since what the star orders to itself from food, finishing with juicy details of tour round.

In most cases, the zvezdny the actor, the more considerable it a rider both on volume, and on severity of the requirement of its execution.

So, for example, the beginning actor or group can even not have special requirements in a rider - housing and transport they ensure, and here such star sizes as Madonna, state in the document (of course, it is done by agents) nearly an every moment stay in this or that place.

Here some lines from a volume rider of Madonna:

- is required a separate nursery for children of the singer

- behind the scenes it is necessary to have 25 bottles of special Kaballah

water - the cough remedy - 3 packings " separately is required; Rikola

- one big cup of Throat Coat Honey Lemon Tea (special tea with honey and a lemon) before a concert - personally for Madonna

For each tour performance agents of the star write the document of requirements. Therefore it changes in time.

The particular interest in a star rider at admirers arises when contain in it extravagant star claims. For example, to food (the star demands vegetarian kitchen), by the flowers (in a make-up room there have to be by all means live white orchids), to protection (protection has to consist only of women) and other.

It should be noted that the word rider - it is a professional slang. Sometimes it can not strongly, but change the sense. So, the second widespread value of this word it is possible to call the list of settlements where the star acts during round.

In conclusion, there is a wish to tell a couple of words about riders of the Russian actors. The domestic beau monde, of course, prescribes itself both the main requirements, and glamourous excesses. But it is necessary to act usually in those conditions which are.

There Comes the Moscow singer to the city of Pupkinsk. Comes into the canteen of Palace of culture and speaks: Tell to your cook that today I want some frog legs in the wine " sauce;.

Well, I will report - the woman Masha, the chief and only cook of the dining room of the Pupkinsky recreation center answers, and stretches to the singer a plate with cutlet and a glass of " compote;.

And it is a real case from round of one domestic star. There comes the star in to the city of Z. Having honestly fulfilled a concert, the singer hurries in number. Literally in 5 minutes he jumps out from the room and shouts at all corridor: It was told!!! The shower is necessary!!! That for !!!! further obscene expressions.

the Scared hotel administrator comes into number, into a bathroom, looks - a shower as it is necessary, in a bathroom. In perplexity he addresses a star:

- What happened? A shower on the place.

- On to me a shower without water??!?! Now the star prescribes

in the rider separately - existence hot and " cold water;. It also did not dream the western stars...