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What gifts are loved by Aquarius?

She sings - and sounds thaw,

As kisses on lips,

Looks - and heaven plays

In her divine eyes; whether

Goes - all its movements,

Or says the word - all lines

are So full of feeling, expressions,

are So full of marvelous simplicity .

(M. Lermontov)

Is given to me that the great poet so wrote about Aquarius (on January 21 - on February 19). These children of elements Air are characterized by persistent self-affirmation and ability to an independent way of thinking. As often we Vodoleek is simply not understood. We consider them as odd fellows. And Aquarius persistently bears the original ideas in life. However, they have such weakness - can change on the road a course. They are tired by all old and unusual. They always aspire to new. It refreshes them. Therefore also gifts for them have to be unexpected, non-standard. Prestige for Aquarius - on the first place. Present them the certificate of honor or the admission in the closed club. Even they will apprehend some shocking gift with delight. However, it will quickly bother them, but same will be tomorrow!

Aquariuses are experimenters. Thrill-seekers. They will not be inspired by a standard trip, they will be inspired with unusual travel. Flight in the balloon, yoga lessons, the guide to spearfishing or travel to the center of Earth. The main thing that the gift was unique.

Aquariuses are very amorous. Also they fall in love with a lightning speed, suddenly and as if for the rest of life. They are very inventive at the time of conquest of heart of the beloved and also quickly cool down. Aquariuses are collectors at heart, in everything. Present them the next exhibit in their numerous collections.

Aquariuses are esthetes. They love all bright, unusual. Sparkling and shining. You can choose any thing, only surely think up beautiful history - why you give it to the Aquarius. It is very important for them - the nobility that each gift was chosen for them individually.

Aquariuses are very friendly and friendly. They will never state you the discontent concerning irrelevance of a gift, you should not abuse their patience. You give gifts with all the heart.

Aquariuses are humane and fair. Are cheerful. Avantyurna. Will always come to the rescue humiliated and offended. Will not wait until they about it are asked. They are very frank and will always tell that think. Seldom enter disputes and quarrels.

Aquariuses are disinterested persons. For them material benefits - not the main thing in life. For them the most sacred - ardent heart and the beautiful kind soul. They very much value friendship. Present to enthusiastic Aquarius something lovely to his heart, emphasizing your friendship and love.

The most important secret in selection of a gift to your Aquarius - novelty and surprise. He never has to foreknow about your gift. It surely has to be the thing which bears secret sense and is unique in itself. And here it is optional to pack a gift at all - Aquarius will not attach it in general any significance.

Aquarius builds all relations with world around on the basis of likes and dislikes. If you became his friend - protect it and emphasize with the gifts the friendship and love.

Women - Vodoleyki very much love bright jewelry - whether it be cheap costume jewelry or expensive necklaces, rings, earrings. They like to sparkle, draw attention to themselves with the elegance and extravagance. Bring gloss in any business. The woman - Aquarius is many women in one that affects her disorders and experiences. She with pleasure will take in gift a bath with petals of roses or a chocolate wrapping. The main thing that the gift was with a raid of romanticism and a delicacy.

Aquariuses are dreamers. At any age. They live future. Return them to the real world, create them dreamland already today, here and now - and they will be grateful to you. It is difficult for people to understand them with conservative mentality. Aquariuses do not keep within standards of classics. They are bright individuals and originals. With them be always honest, even in the choice of a gift. Words should not disperse from business. Then you will become their friends for a long time.

And what gifts are loved by Lions, Maidens, Scales, Scorpions, Sagittariuses, Capricorns, Fishes, Arieses, Tauruses, Twins and Cancers?