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On October 31 - on November 1: celebration of New Year, Samkheyna or Halloween?

Halloween ( of Hallowe`en from All Hallows Evening ) - for one it is a holiday, for others - magic night, for the third - art, and for someone - a reason for the scheduled party.

Eve of All Saints` Day, on October 31. Night of the witches who recovered dead persons, black magic and monsters, the evil and death, a sabbath - at us is associated with such symbols and definitions this holiday. The terrible brands of pumpkins with the shining interior frightening children and causing hostility by this day in those who do not know what background the holiday has.

It is a holiday of Americans! - you will tell, and in some measure in it there is an element of truth. Americans began to celebrate this holiday, and from them its celebration extended to other world.

Background of Halloween - day of death of all vegetation.

About 2000 years ago (historians) the Celtic people so assume (Celts have druids priests and poets; vikkanets are the believers reading the nature) began to celebrate in the night of October 31 for November 1 Samkheyn. Samkheyn - means the end of summer. The goddess of summer leaves and god of winter comes. At this time Samkheyn takes God of the sun prisoner and rules the world till spring.

Since October 31 for November 1 celebrated usual New year! End of one year and beginning of other year. Farewell to the people who left last year. Completion of harvesting and beginning of a cold season. Return home traveling and working. Summing up. Leaving bad in old year. All live fills up, dies to revive again: the crop is reaped, are put winter, the tree dumps leaves that new appeared in the spring - without death there is no life.

of the Mystic of the period - in revival through death. Since October 31 priests addressed Samkheyn - god of an underground kingdom, asking revival through death.

Why this day put on in suits of dead persons, sorcerers, otherworldly forces? as

Was considered that this day spirits come from the Other world on a visit to mere mortals, and people can visit a next world. Spirits come to ask food and if refuse to them, then they can take away a body mortal (to be installed in it) for all year. And also visit the world to take away those who unworthy behaved and if the spirit sees that it is the same spirit or the monster then it will not be installed in his body. For this reason celebration of new year of Celts (druids, vikkanets) is connected with death and the other world.

How the pagan holiday became Christian?

When the Christianity became widespread religion, attendants of god saw that many people on a habit still remember and worship Samkheyn. Nothing needed to be done how to adapt this holiday.

Why witches fly on brooms? This image of sorcerers and witches was thought up by

in Salem, in one of the Puritan villages of America (Massachusetts). Salem - the place in which in 1692 there took place great trial of witches. On a holiday on October 31 came to someone to mind to dress a dress of witches, to saddle the broom and goats and to leave so to frighten civilians. Now the image of the witch on the broom is a logo of this town. And numerous movies popularize this image - witches on the broom.

Symbols of this day.

of Pumpkin. Pumpkins with terrible and ridiculous physiognomies to frighten off evil spirits. There were a turnip, beet and potatoes earlier. Candles at windows, the lit fireplaces - fire which attracts, invites souls of the died relatives on a visit to the world of live. And also black cats - animals who are associated with dark otherworldly force from - for dark a color.

What this day means to creative people and youth?

Freedom of thought and imagination. Masks and suits. Creation of new images and revival of history. Day on the eve of All Saints` Day for creative people - thought process and a peculiar sabbath. Artists and masters decoratively - applied arts prepare for this day also thoroughly, as well as those who celebrate this day, creating.

The youth this day prepares for a holiday too. It is one more occasion to gather and have fun - to have a good time.

With the Celtic New year of all!