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How competently to write the announcement for the Internet?

Stuff cannot be organized, it is only possible to get rid of it. But how to get rid of second-hand articles if it is not accepted by antiquaries, seeing in it an otioseness instead of collection value. Of course, to advertize on the Internet - and then it with hands will be torn off. Here only how to explain to people that they have an opportunity to catch not a radio-gramophone of Spidol, but audio equipment with excellent sound opportunities? Competent drawing up the announcement - your guarantee from the breaking-off phone and a headache. Here couple of councils will not prevent - how to issue the correct announcement.

In - the first, the good text will be required. Try to distract from passionate desire to sell and think what information you would like to obtain, getting such thing. Specify to the potential reader of your announcement data on the main characteristics of goods: working capacity, built-in functions, appearance. It is even better to attach the photo. One of the moments about which it is impossible to forget, - delivery. If you agree, - as well as, who a thing will take away the main thing, (to deliver)?

It is not necessary to be afraid to call the price. It will fine reduce quantity empty calls if, of course, you do not earn from entering. But also it is not obligatory to determine the price to within kopek, specify a possibility of the bargaining. You do not stint the text of the offer, in this case, brevity - the sister of talent it is not pertinent. Your potential buyer, opening the announcement, hopes to obtain additional information, more than in heading.

And in heading try to do without excessive information, the main thing - as for how many . All these special symbols (asterisks, smilies and so forth) can serve bad service - not all editors pass headings without sense and potential buyers a glance will read and can not sort the text against " jewelry;. The heading has to capture the essence of your offer. Try to press down it to one bright phrase. Special attention should be paid on the fact that rules of submission of announcements often do not allow use of a contact information in heading.

And couple more of the moments which are not so obvious. You watch literacy of your offer. Spend in addition several minutes to eliminate various inaccuracies. Remember that typographical errors will not allow to find your offer by search, and mistakes will arouse mistrust at the potential buyer. Treats also reductions. It is not the newspaper with a limit of printed characters, and various: / at, chorus. sost., rooms etc. reduce a possibility of detection of your announcement.

And the most important that strongly influences efficiency of your offer - especially attentively specify a heading where you submit the announcement. You should not place in the first though somehow suitable on sense or simply caught sight. Check all list better, being guided by motives of the potential buyer, and choose the heading which is completely answering to your subject.

Good luck, also remember, responsibility for the content of data is fully assigned to authors of announcements!