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What it, loose tongue? Silent language

As we were convinced earlier, obtained and transmitted data with use various " languages; it is very different. For example, in silent languages anatomic extraction of a sound is not provided; in other words, the addressee has to guess actually that you wanted to report.

For example, couple hundreds years ago of language of flowers was spare alarm system of lovers. By means of a bouquet or a separate flower it was possible to appoint meeting, to express secret feelings or to give a signal to the second half.

Other example - a sign language. About only one language of gestures the mass of the theories allowing to read the person as the open book that it gains special importance, so far as concerns interaction of floors and so-called erotic language exists.

In a sign language gifted and talented actors of Theatre of the Pantomime manage even to play the whole performances, forcing the audience to worry and rejoice not less, than in usual colloquial representation. In a number of the countries street mimes delight pedestrians the ability to take a statue form.

The sign language has special value for people with hearing pathology, being the only way of personal contact. If you remember, not so long ago a news was followed by sign language translation, when in a small window showed one more announcer translating words into language of deaf-mutes. Probably, now sign language translation (and not only it) replaced the Internet and information technologies, even several special dating sites for hearing-impaired people got to me.

In a number of churches will be organized by of church service for deaf-mutes with sign language translation. For example, in a Petrozavodsk Orthodox church of John the Evangelist installed the computer program of sign language translation of church services for deaf-and-dumb parishioners. And in the Temple of the Tikhvin icon of the Mother of God of service his attendants, including participants of church choir are conducted in language of deaf-mutes, and have hearing pathology. The community even writes down the church services on disks that parishioners of other regions could reproduce houses service.

Funny things.

50 - the summer American Damyen Havik since the childhood was a deaf-mute. And all life dreamed to perform operation on restoration of hearing. However after finding of an opportunity to hear, it was struck, is how shrill - the voice and skandalen character of his wife with whom he communicated 30 years in a sign language is shrill. Damyen hardly found the doctor who returned him back to the world of silence and rest.

34 - summer Jose Hernandez - Rebolyar from George Washington`s university invented for deaf people speaking an electronic glove AcceleGlove (PDF) transforming gestures to the words appearing on the display or sounding from loudspeakers.

Went in New Zealand further away, having appropriated in 2006 to language of deaf-mutes (New Zealand Sign Language) the status of the third state language (after English and Maori).

It is remarkable that, speaking about a sign language, the huge number of people torments the same question: Whether deaf-mutes from the different countries Understand each other? in other words, whether the sign language is international language. Here it is enough to remember what even within one country gesture with the unbent thumb at squeezed in a fist of the others means in total super! . And here divers, having seen your such gesture under water, easily can be frightened, it means that it is necessary to you urgently on a surface.

Funny things. by

Huge misunderstanding Australians met gesture from fingers V the president Bush during his visit. During World War II Winston Churchill popularized this sign for designation of a victory, but for this purpose the hand is turned by the back to speaking. If at this gesture the hand is turned by a palm to speaking, then gesture gains offensive value - shut up .

On a foreign trip recommend to refrain from raspaltsovka owing to specificity of perception of a number of the gestures having opposite value. For example, known gesture o`ky - the big and index fingers put by a ringlet - in France zero, in Japan - money, and in some countries of the Mediterranean Basin means as Greece, Morocco, Tunisia, Cyprus is used for designation of nonconventional orientation of men.

It is not necessary to improve in Japan on public a belt. It can be apprehended as the beginning of a hara-kiri! The Greek, the Turk and the Bulgarian, speaking yes shake the head here and there that means for most of Europeans is not present .

Funny things.

What means when the person raises a hand over the head? The three fifth interrogated British declared that, obviously, they are told that the rain will go soon. Actually, so French say that they are full up. For improvement of understanding of French the Parisian management on tourism suggests travelers to learn language of Gallic gestures.

Silent language is important in a number of professions when considerable removal, noise or need to keep quiet (for example, groups of special troops) do not allow to use the habitual speech. So, when loading and unloading freight scaffold workers use a number of conditional moves hands for coordination of the actions. By the ships before development of progressive alarm systems sailors, signallers were exposed, whose duty entered by means of tags and knowledge of the semaphore alphabet to transfer messages to the accepting signaller by other ship or the coast.

With the sea at me, I do not know as at you, steady association - the radio operator (probably because the father spent 7 years on voyenno - navy by the radio operator). In their sole not only a grok - fok - and bizan - masts with banquets (that, by the way, is not connected with a celebration in any way and designates an eminence or the platform at an internal board over a main deck). Here and the Morse alphabet loved by : The Point - a dash, a dash - a point - a point - a point which since 1838, thanks to American Morse, was the first digital way of information transfer.

A sign language at the exchange - separate big history where one gesture happens enough already next day to taste all delights of life at the bottom . Gestures have features for each exchange, but there are also universal: for example, upon purchase the palm is turned to the broker`s case, at sale - from itself.

Funny things.

In Latvia during the last presidential elections the wide response was evoked by behavior of the deputy Yannis Lagzdinsh (People`s party) who of a window of Diet showed to participants of meeting a fig. Later he explained that gesture was allegedly addressed only to his army friend who stood in crowd.

about army, not so much their specific language, how many a peculiar humour is remembered at once. And, having remembered army, other category of people in shoulder straps thanks to which it was created absolutely unique, automobile language comes to mind at once. And here wants to be told not so much about the traffic controllers who are desperately waving striped sticks in hope to unload a congestion of cars, how many about sign language of car owners.

For example, all the famous warning of oncoming cars of the respectable peace officers standing not far on the road: two times to blink headlights. At the same time other motorist as a token of gratitude raises the left hand.

Or winking of feet - signals, informing going behind about an obstacle or difficulty of the movement ahead. It means that it is necessary to increase distance and to be attentive.

Or when the driver does not manage to finish overtaking, he winks headlights at the oncoming car that means: I Ask me to forgive generous would you be so kind, to pass me? Thank you very much, good luck on the road, health to you, your close and distant relatives! .

Such language, however, is usable only in Russia, motorists of other countries can just not understand you, system of signs and gestures in each country the, especially not in all countries it is accepted to be protected thus from violations on the road.

Funny things. by

On the official site of UEFA published information on punishment of the halfback Bavaria Mark Van Bommel for indecent gesture in the first match of 1/8 Champions League final against Real . Besides apologies the Dutch was disqualified for one match conditionally and fined 6 200 euros.
All above-stated situations prove

once again, how important skillfully and competently to operate gesticulation which can both improve, and to nullify mutual understanding. In turn silent language is a full partner of the most difficult, sociable language, who also deserves special attention.

Be continued.