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If the love freezes?

Oh, this eternal subject of love! How many say how many write about it, and it does not stop being object of warm disorders and experiences. And every time it disturbs us

In love exists the set of sides which can pass one into another, bewitching the hypnotic shine of inexplicable feelings.

And again such similar story of love on thousands of same banal situations and the found problems. Ah how painfully to realize that this trouble did not avoid, and concerned as well as many others. Why right at the beginning all of us think approximately equally that it can concern anyone, but only not us and our relations. Of course, people we special, and love at us special, not such, as at others. It is the best, the most real, the most sincere and unusual. But after a while suddenly it is found out that we so terribly were mistaken

When the person ceases to appreciate what has, the destiny takes away from him the gifts. Why after splash in bright feelings, after unusually strong flashes of emotions there comes cooling? And at this moment people cease to appreciate that else quite recently it seemed to them sense of almost all their life, the most intimate dream, the most wonderful pleasure. In the relations there is a neglect to each other, an inattention, irritability and that chill of which nobody even thinks at the very beginning of ardent love.

You remember words from the famous song of Valery Meladze: Make fire if firmly you choose me ? Yes, but only not just part, and try to make so that it did not go out at once.

Let`s present such picture. You walk on the wood. But weather was given not frying, in air approach of a cool is felt. You begin to feel chilly and suddenly meet the thrown fire which begins to die away gradually on the way. To be warmed, you approach closer a fire and give hands, having settled down near it. Now think: if you in a fire do not throw right now dry branches or firewood, then it will cease to burn and completely will disappear as a fire. And on its place there will be just a handful of ashes and the charred brands.

The same occurs also in the relations with darling. If all the time not to support a mutual fire of love, heat, attention and trust, then it will die away much quicker, than we think. Because in every respect between people the engine which works at the expense of constant sources of emotional energy is necessary. When the person is forgotten or just forgets about it, he it promotes approach of cooling in the relations. There are offenses - companions of alienation who collect for weeks, months and even years. They leave a bitter deposit in soul of people and then begin to smother the painful questions. Why so it happened? Who is guilty? Whether it is possible to improve situation?

The most masterly wizard in this situation is your own heart. And whether long ago you listened to its voice? Here it prompts to you that you were tired and therefore became irritable and gloomy that you want to stay alone with yourself, and even presence of darling ceased to please you and to concern how before.

And now, think that if all this is similar to you, then really it is time for you to have a rest. But to have a rest not due to composure of your darling. And for this purpose it is not obligatory to carp at words at all or to look for in them something offensive for itself. Try to find an opportunity to remain alone with themselves and it is good to think. Whether it is worth destroying further the sincere center which warmed you so much time? Whether from it it will be better for you if you continue to look for negative around yourself and in the person close to you? Than it can personally come to the end as a result for you? Whether it is necessary for you?

If two the person loving each other recognize that something not so became between them recently, and so there is a wish that manifestation of tender feelings became former, then mutual sincere work is necessary. There is a wish to remember such old saying to the word: One man is no man . Yes, and if to consider love as the big boundless field which is somewhere there behind the imagined horizon, then to pass it together, many forces and patience are necessary. The love is life, and life is a love.

Let fire of your love will be bright, and heat proceeding from it - present!