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How to keep savings?

Outside - financial crisis. And as always in such cases, our people (it is possible to tell, grown on crises) ask a question at once: where to attach money? That, let`s reflect what options we have.

Conversation will go, of course, not about where to investors to invest the millions, and about the ordinary citizens who received some money for hands, but not persons interested to spend them in the near future. Or hastily withdrawn accumulation from bank accounts, under the influence of last bitter experience.

And besides, it is necessary to understand that it is not even necessary to count on any enhancement of money. On that it and crisis that some part of your wealth will be lost by all means.

Option 1. to Buy dollars. It in us already at the level of a reflex. The reflex was strongly weakened by long falling (absolutely still recent) dollar. However now this currency grows in the price so surely that all bad was right there forgotten by many people. But whether will be so always? Let`s think.

A cumulative external debt of the USA - 13 trillion dollars! The sum in itself impresses and can tell a lot of things about a condition of the American economy. It is simply difficult for majority of us to understand, this number as it a little with what can be compared is how big. Besides, the size of this debt continuously increases. But already today it is possible to pay debts to America, only borrowing new money. That is, applying the principle of a financial pyramid.

Actually, uniqueness of economy of the USA mostly also is in that that there the financial pyramid, inseparable from this economy was organized. And at the same time until recently very few people believed that this pyramid can collapse. But, despite such uniqueness, the laws, general for all pyramids, work and here. And one of these laws says: all financial pyramids fall. Or, when there is nobody to involve in them, or when cease to believe in them. Both of these moments, seemingly, already came. Crash of this pyramid will mean bankruptcy of economy, inseparably linked with it. As a result of bankruptcy of the USA also the currency of the USA will inevitably depreciate.

And even if you do not believe in inevitability of bankruptcy of America, I will not argue. Maybe indeed will not be. Same Americans whose resourcefulness and cynicism are, seemingly, boundless! Will take, for example, and will provoke the third world war. Even if so, but also at the same time falling of world consumption of goods and services - the fact which already came true also proceeds still.

But the main purpose of money consists in their use in trade. So, if began to trade less, then and money it is required less. And if in world trade, mostly, dollars are used, then the requirement will decrease in them. And further everything will go according to the same scenario, as with actions. This process should begin only - it will be impossible to stop it.

Option 2. to Buy other strong currencies (euro, yuans, yens...) . Here all very vaguely. On the one hand, economies of the respective countries are still strong and are in the best state, than economy of the USA. With another, these economies are very strongly connected with American and forced to divide with it its problems. And with what it will end - it is unknown. The investment in these currencies can be effective, but it very risky.

Option 3. to Leave savings in rubles. This option most likely will be the most effective. And in the short term - no doubt. Really, now Russia has a unique chance to make powerful economic breakthrough. Nevertheless, this option for long-term storage of money is also risky.

In - the first who will realize this chance? That government which, for example, kept 100 billion dollars of our money in system of mortgage lending of the USA with the purpose to earn additionally on it a little? And it in 2008 when people, far from economy, knew about problems in this system (and about riskiness of investments in it) even. And at the same time, when the Russian bank for delivery of a mortgage loan to the Russian family needed to borrow money at the American bank under huge percent! You have a confidence that such government will be able correctly to use the chance?

In - at any government, crisis all the same not to avoid the second. Yes, Russia will endure it. Yes, its consequences can be made minimum heavy. But crisis will be. And what during crisis and with banks can happen to ruble anything our citizens can be not told. For example (large and nowadays well) the Russian bank took one and did not give money to the investors. And still does not give. And nothing to it for it was. And time we live in the same country and we deal with the same banks why to something like that and not to repeat?

Option 4. to Buy expensive things that then to sell them. It was possible it and not to consider, but we have people who did not understand yet that it was actual only in that crisis which coincided with an era of total deficiency. Now it is unreasonable. Simply - it is unreasonable.

Option 5. to Buy gold or other precious metals. Hardly anyone will foretell to you today as the prices of them will change. For example, when stock prices of the American companies began the prompt falling, also the world prices for gold fell. However I suggest you to address history. Whether there are in it examples when money almost completely lost the value? As much as necessary (and even on our memory is). And now let`s look for such examples for gold. You can find? Perhaps, the only case when gold strongly fell in price in Europe. It when it was stolen in large quantities at the American Indians. But all - it did not depreciate absolutely and such situation will not repeat now.

And what made the U.S. Government during the Great depression (which often compare current crisis)? Actually violently withdrew from the citizens (having forgotten about some " there; freedoms ) all their gold. And what was made by the government of this country in 1971? Refused gold providing dollar as many foreigners sought to turn dollars into gold. In spite of the fact that gold ceased to be used as means of payment long ago, the financial authorities still seek to own reserves of this metal.

At all times and at all people gold was that universal currency to which all trusted. Especially - in the times of troubles. And today changed in this regard little. Yes, it is rather difficult to get and sell it. Besides, it is necessary to pay a tax still. Therefore gold is unprofitable to buy for saving of funds for the small period. But here for long-term investments, especially when it is unknown what expects ahead - quite good option. Though not really profitable, but very reliable.