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Serengeti National Park: how are lions?

The one who in the childhood read Grzhimek`s book Serengeti should not die forever ached with love to animals. The Serengeti National Park (the word Masai) does not keep within representation of the modern citizen because in this savanna covering about 30 thousand (from Lake Victoria to the South of Kenya), the improbable quantity of the wild animals leading absolutely natural life is concentrated.

In principle, and at big desire, it is possible to get to Serengeti, light, however, not the neighbor. It is possible from Kenya, it is possible through Qatar (the tiny Arab state) to Tanzania (Gift - es - Salam, right there a departure in the Kilimanjaro airport, there by car to the city of Arusha, and from there two more days of traveling).

There are fans super - an extreme. Those who prefer to the savanna on foot - generally of course are famous for it compatriots. Such korporativchik the major company can arrange to itself (God knows at what price). Then the conductor takes the workmate, guns, tents gather, for spending the night the place where there are no birds is chosen (and, respectively, drop), the space for the parking is burned out. There are persons on duty. The only inescapable problem - the heavy hangover

But the majority is preferred in the morning nevertheless by trips on jeeps that is absolute as it became clear, justified because in a high grass of lions it is not visible, and it is possible to face. The lion does not react to the car, he reacts to the person, and cases of attack happen.

The camp from where to the ezheutreena departure begins, is in reserve heart in the rocky district. On several honeycombs of kilometers - any housing, any civilization. Each tent (spaciousness in a platoon) - with all conveniences, but with spiders a razmerchik about a fist of the person.

Certainly, any locks, only a lightning, a grid from insects and - a whistle. On a danger case. Very much encourages. And danger is rather real because the first lions are already visible in 100 meters from tents, and harmless antelopes are grazed directly in the territory of camp.

On one hundred meters around camp the savanna is burned out - for safety reasons (snakes, insects, especially are afraid of flies tse - tse). On a question as the terrible fly from herself looks, our conductor does the lightning movement by a hand and, having unclenched a fist, shows: Yes here it . By the way, according to him, the fly tse - tse prefers to bite local population. It happens to visitors less often. Too encourages. But it is all the same necessary to protect hands and legs.

In Serengeti - the most large number of wild animals per unit area in the world. Only hoofed there - several tens millions. For murder of an animal give 15 years of prison (at us for murder of the person - less, as a rule). There is almost no poaching left. There is a license hunting, but each shot costs $10000, it for millionaires and those try to look decently and do not abuse the opportunities. And hunting in Serengeti - pure murder: the wild beasts are untamed, admit to itself the person on several steps. In general strikes harmony of coexistence of a predator and the victim, are grazed by a row, the victim takes to heels, only if the predator is obviously going to attack.

And still it happened to observe very interesting, tell, even the unique scene directing at some reflections.

Peaceful life of a lion`s pride. More definitely, there is no owner, then he was met through several kilometers, occupied with high public affairs - it is proud bypassing the possession (there`s nothing to be done, the territory demands vigilant supervision). In the house - women and children, that is lionesses and cubs. Lionesses already hunted - filled up a zebra, ate slightly, one lies and protects hulk, another bears guts somewhere. Other lionesses have a rest together with young lions.

Meters in 10 the herd of black African buffalo s is grazed. The strong children who are considered as the animal, most dangerous to the person, in Africa. Suddenly, probably, a certain fruitful debut idea comes to the leader of buffalo s to mind, he even turns the torso, as if telling something to other buffalo. Also slow, but right advance towards a glade where has a rest begins and waits for lion`s family by a lunch of the husband and father.

What buffalo s forgot on this glade - it is not known to anybody, probably, and him. Herbs around fully, they, naturally, do not eat some meat, on a glade - about ten lionesses and young lions. However, being shaken, very purposefully, specifically even, having frowned and having lowered horns, buffalo s begin the attack. At the same time it is visible that they awfully are afraid, change each other: at first one comes forward, then its place is taken by following.

Lionesses in perplexity: buffalo s are object of their hunting, though is rare. That which guards a lunch remains on the place (probably, it has no choice: can be, the anger of the lion who was left without lunch is even more terrible), others slowly and reluctantly begin to recede, taking away cubs. And the most brave acts forward, nestles on the earth, showing readiness for attack. But, probably, horns of buffalo s do not inspire in it special optimism, and she gradually moves back.

Gradually buffalo s occupy all glade on which the pride settled down. They stupidly bypass it, and, without having found the reason for which they were declared here, begin accurate withdrawal, being covered with horns of the most experienced male. The inspired lionesses do several jumps forward, but nevertheless prudence gets the best. In half an hour the status - kvo is completely restored. Buffalo s remained in general happy, they just proved the steepness first of all, to.

- What arrival is? - we ask.

- Sash Bela! - makes a helpless gesture and the conductor laughs.

The woman`s grandson - masa, the son of the famous zoologist who graduated from Sorbonne, the Kenyan guy who studied in Moscow did not lose touch with Russia. It is visible that did not lose, time was in a movie " subject; Crew about heavy gangster share . This surprising sketch remained as a movie piece, in a poorish picture it is possible to make out an episode of this strange arrival .

In general, and even out of the reserve amazingly there is a lot of lions in Serengeti. Probably, it is also lion`s paradise

But this paradise, speak, dries. The desert comes.