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Pearls. Medicine from a cockleshell?

In the ancient time people believed that the pearls relieve of many diseases. Modern physicians found to it scientific confirmations. At all times this curative stone was used in medicine. Was considered that the pearls strengthen heart and vessels, especially when you hold it in a mouth, calms pains, restores become invalid, increases immunity, keeps beauty and youth, increases sexual activity.

Rich grandees drank wine from a nacreous bowl or a glass with the pearl put in it. They believed that it is so possible to secure itself against poison. Applied pearls and at treatment of mental disorders, and according to sorcerers, it protected the owners from evil spirits and prolonged their life. Did whitewash for the person of the river pearls pounded in powder, considered that this stone prolongs life and helps girls to remain beautiful longer. Speak, the one who constantly carries pearls on a neck is lucky in love and family life.

And today the pearls enjoy deserved popularity. In Japan, for example, the powder from it containing a unique calcic complex is on sale in all drugstores. Nearly a half of all pearls which on the qualities do not satisfy jewelers use in Hugo - Vostochnoy and Hugo - the Western Asia for production of various medicines. Creams and masks with pearl extract which tighten skin are very popular and allow even to mature ladies to look much younger.

The pearls are grown up in special conditions long ago: enter into sinks on a grain of sand, put them in big baskets, lower on depth from 2 to 6 meters in warm water of the southern seas or the closed warmed reservoirs and in 3 - 4 collect harvest . In this way today receive 95% of pearls, and it cannot be considered artificial - it is created in nature and keeps all properties natural including medical and cosmetic.

You put on a pearl necklace on solemn occasions? It is much more necessary to you when the illness forces to stay at home. The idea to lie in a bed with a thermometer under the arm and in jewelry can seem wild only at first sight! East medicine recommends pearl extract as a mineral additive for those who want to look young, and also for weight reduction, against the increased acidity of gastric juice, for improvement of function of a liver and as calming. India recommends as the all-strengthening means during the day to drink water in which several small pearls lay at night. It is considered even that such water regulates kislotno - alkaline balance in an organism.

Cosmetologists add pearl powder to the structures giving to a body nacreous blinking in shampoos and hair balms, the varnish strengthening nails, deodorants for care of skin. A whiteness and tenderness of pearls as if on magic, are transferred to skin, doing it same shining. All this merit of organic substance of the konkhiolin sometimes called by a pearls protein. Konkhiolin possesses antioxidant properties, protects skin from UF - beams, regulates level rn and speeds up work of cages. In total as a part of pearl powder found 22 types of amino acids, including methionine, glutaminovy acid, glycine, alanin, asparaginovy acid, and also 18 minerals, vitamins D and groups of Century

Modern experts developed recommendations about use of pearls at these or those diseases:

You have a migraine?

Apply a pearl beads to a forehead: in 5 - 10 minutes it will become easier for you!


you Carry all the pearls without removing until temperature decreases.

Began otitis?

Surely decorate ears with pearl ear rings.

You are nervous? Touch

as beads, the necklace from large pearls or a perekatyvaytebusinka between two palms is an excellent way to reduce stress! by

You feel pain?

Put on a finger a ringlet with a pearl and a promassiruyta a stone a painful zone clockwise.

You suffer sleeplessness?

Rhythmically shake the string of pearls folded double, looking after its pendulum movements - and already in an eye couple of minutes by itself will begin to stick together.

Medicinal properties of pearls are inexhaustible: to use it only as ornament, having problems with health, all the same, that to carry a bracelet from headache pills and at the same time to complain that it does not pass in any way.