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New way of fight against mice and rats? An eye - diamond

the fall came To Texas, and came it is time to deal with mice and rats as when weather becomes colder, these melkovredny rodents are in the habit to move there where more warmly - in case of our Texas ranch, on an attic.

I am not afraid of mice and rats to a hysterics as my mummy. But when at night herds of the animals jumping on an attic prevent me to sleep, I begin fight for a survival.

I do not like to use poison. In - the first, it is cruel to animals, and in - the second, they have a vile habit to die anywhere that very much complicates searches of dead individuals and disposal of it. And if in time not to get rid, then they begin to smell that, in turn, strains guests at parties - and the fall at us is a high time to receive guests because holidays follow one by one in Texas.

Traps work better, but slowly - one trap - one mouse. Did not allow to resort in the help of professionals - umertvitel to me pride and sense of justice - rats do not call to the aid izolobodon or massutyer though those and are relatives!

So, fight continued with variable success. At night I all also woke up from footfall over the head - dances at them there, perhaps, every night? But I managed to get rid of a colony of mice behind a bathroom window with the help - you will not believe - naphthalenic balls! And this with the fact that mice used the wadded balls impregnated with fox urine as pillows.

Somehow in the evening I thoughtfully sat at a table in a court yard. Suddenly my attention was drawn by some movement in the bush growing in five meters. Having got accustomed, I noticed pieces of 15 rats and mice who are quickly running in a bush. Perhaps, it was the evening gymnastics? I fast called the husband. Having looked at the events, he silently disappeared in the house, and in a minute left with the gun in hands.

It seemed to me that the situation quite corresponds to a saying - From a gun on sparrows . But my husband was in a forceful mood, and without hesitation shot at a bush. The bush shuddered, beasts hid, however in couple of seconds fearlessly resumed merrymakings.

It is necessary to tell you that my grandfather on the maternal line was a hunter - the pathfinder is from the Urals. One shot it forced down a squirrel from pine top, and got it directly into an eye - not to spoil a skin. Besides, in far youth I worked two years the porter at the regime enterprise in Moscow where time in three months us was taken out on shooting ranges - and less, than 98 of 100 I did not beat out. Against genes you will not trample.

Having softly taken out the gun from husband`s hands, I cocked; without rising from a chair, aimed at the stood gaping rat and shot. The rat without sound fell down from a branch. At this moment I am not able to describe a look of my husband...

Rats, having understood that games ended, evaporated from a bush, and for the first time for many nights I slept peacefully. But, knowing the neighbors having a tail rather well, I am sure that our fight just moved to the new, higher level therefore I always keep now the gun in readiness...