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ZERO it is zero? No, it is theater!

Instead of the preface:

- Jasmin, tell how to you: work of the father is pleasant or not? there is no


- Why is not pleasant to you father`s work?

- the Father torment there.

Children and fools speak the truth

The child of 7 years accompanies parents on all performances. He sees that he becomes with the father on a scene as he feels there - and sympathizes, empathizes. Without philosophical generalizations - it is a pity for the father, to the father it is heavy, to the father it is bad...

our acquaintance was casual: both of us looked at the performance The Moscow novel in a tel - avivsky park performed by excellent actors Lena Sakhanova and Vladimir Friedman and both after a performance appeared in their make-up room. I with expressions of admiration concerning a performance, and Oleg - as the colleague. And several minutes later we met on the bus-stop. Oleg invited us to himself to the performance The woman in " sand;.

Having come home, I found a literary basis of the play in the Network: The Woman in " sand; Kobo Abe. Remembered that in those days when it was printed for the first time in the former USSR, I could not master it. But as viewing of a performance was coming me, I applied efforts and read ten three - four pages and stopped: heavy in fact plot, almost total absence of action. And at the same time on the course of reading you begin to see yourself at the bottom of a sandy hole, and all the time fills up you.

The performance struck with expressiveness of scenery. It is possible to tell, scenery were almost not: the suspended mat and a circle from yellow matter on a scene floor. And prior to action (the scene stood opened, without curtain) the head was drilled by a question: and how will represent sand? Same one of the main characters!

The performance began - and this question left by itself. The performance (as well as the novel) begins the story about sand and its properties. The long monologue of the main character about the hobby, and then and about the adventure, not simple and not easy.

Actually, in it the main idea of the play - to the person it is bad. It is bad when impose it a way of existence. When he cannot escape from the fact that he in the novel symbolizes sand. And whether to it it will be good when this person after series of drudgeries realizes what the world to which he wanted to return earlier loses for it the attractiveness?

A performance of the novel in which there is almost no action. Almost - because action is, but it is limited to a hole, a hole in sand to which the hero gets. And sand absorbs all its energy. Authors of the play and performers were so bewitched by the primary source in due time that undertook the most difficult task and found for it (tasks) the brilliant scenic and actor`s decision.

To a performance (as well as to " theater; ZERO who was born together with a performance) the success from the first representation accompanied. Kind (if not to tell, enthusiastic) the press, responses of public, an award in Israel and abroad. The performance goes 5 years, five years of spectator success.

Oleg Rodovilsky and his wife Marina Belyavtseva - actors whose professional life in Israel was rather loaded. But at some moment both of them felt that old, since student`s times got stuck somewhere between edges love to To the Woman in " sand; maybe it has to be realized. And they made it, made together, and together continue to play this a philosophical, heavy performance in the drama relation.

Naturally, there were associates, colleagues who helped to carry out conceived and help to do it still. Gradually the theater expanded the repertoire, it was necessary to provide normal life to all employees. Here last experience helped: there were children`s performances which are demanded and which go in all cities of Israel.

The theater since its beginning had own name: ZERO . It is a little unusual to theater especially as in a literal translation it is zero. Trying to find out to sources, I asked Marina Belyavtseva why the theater received such name? The answer was a little unexpected: Because Oleg likes this word! And then versions began: that zero is not zero, it is a circle, a symbol which changes strongly sense of expressions, and we like this form - a circle .

Very much can be that this symbol - a circle - invisibly was present when developing the scenic solution of the play. The circle designating a sandy hole, a vicious circle of terrestrial existence limits the platform on which there live heroes. Scenery are minimum, but action so takes that you cease to notice their Shakespearean convention.

The convention of a performance is not abstract, no. Reaction of the audience: So same about us! And it is valid, parallels are looked through from the beginning of action up to the end. Since the fact that the person gets to a certain trap, that without suspecting, before fruitless attempts of flight from this the world, absolutely unusual for it, before as if acceptance of its current existence as norms.

Today it is possible to tell that from multiple-valued interpretation of the word zero the concept " left at all; zero today name ZERO causes idea of professional theater, of his remarkable founders. It is natural that Oleg and Marina`s game - very high level. Yes such play at half strength cannot be played - the failure is provided!

Such performances do not give commercial success. Why The Woman in " sand; does not quit the stage of 5 years and remains a symbol of theater? This statement not only gives the chance of the maximum self-expression for actors - Oleg and Marina. The performance gives to the audience concept what is good dramatic art. Dramatic art in which there is no environment in which there is philosophical depth which induces the person to think over the life.

It is no wonder that these magnificent actors had a theatrical collective and actor`s studio. And studio at theater - a sign of quality and a sign of long life, life in pupils. And very much maybe Oleg and Marina`s studio will leave founders of new theaters too!