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How not to allow itself to dry up? The best ways of a satisfying of thirst

We often see commercials and posters with similar slogans. Daily huge number of the " brands; pure waters, juice, aerated water and milk drinks offer us the production. But as far as it is useful, satisfies thirst, and in general whether promises are true?

Every time when I see posters and - la Result in 14 days or Subdue the appetite involuntarily there is a smile. Well how yogurt with the content of sugar of 30 - 40% can help to grow thin? And how with its help to improve digestion, considering starch in its structure? Really we want, really we want to believe that the small bottle of magic drink will relieve of appetite and will help to eat less?

We are to such an extent naive that we buy up everything that is well advertized, and, above all - inspires trust. I urge you to think of what you drink why and whether you need it in general.

To improve digestion, drink kefir. Just fat content 1% kefir. Without additives. Fresh. And appetite is reduced by physical activity. Yes, it, hated much of us, allows not to approach the refrigerator some time. In the mornings eat porridge! I guarantee: in the afternoon you will eat less. Also it is not necessary to you chemistry from small bottles with tempting slogans!

Now aerated water. Long ago it is known that it is madly harmful. But nevertheless, many of us, having slightly felt thirst, run behind a bottle " Coca; and very quietly drink: it is light, 0 calories. Very much I do not want to upset you, but calories - that 0, and here carbohydrates... Besides, principle without calories it is based on sugar replacement with its substitute. And you did not think as far as it is harmful?

Numerous researches confirmed long ago: from it sight worsens, many diseases of internals, etc. become aggravated. On itself aerated water in principle is harmful to a stomach. It corrodes it, causing gastritises and ulcers further. Abdominal distension too not the most pleasant consequence sweet " water;. Refuse it. I offer juice. Only not everyone.

The most useful juice - freshly squeezed. But to prepare his houses - it is a lot of trouble, and to buy expensively. Juice from a package can become worthy alternative! The truth it is necessary to choose it intelligently. In - the first, study structure. There it has to be written: without sugar. It is important. Otherwise you risk to become the happy owner of liquid, the content of juice in which at most 70%. The rest - sugar and water. In - the second, we look at the producer. It is desirable domestic. And still it is desirable that there was a mark: 100% juice. Such drink if is not useful, then is not harmful precisely.

Well and finally about water. If you got used that in any glass bottle with an inscription from the childhood natural water from a well - wean. Today it far not so. On the majority of bottles modestly flaunts TU (specifications). And this water not from what not from a well. It is simply cleared. Especially it concerns water from refrigerators with aerated water. There wells are not even mentioned, and it is correct.

Summing up the result, I can attentively advise to read labels of what you drink and you give to the children. What there was told, nobody will take care of you better, than you are.