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How to become tasty berry to women of middle age?

Want to address the women of middle age who are called in the people berries . To those who cannot brag of glamourous destiny. To those who reconciled to the modest existence. To those who do not grumble, and pull the strap day by day.

Lovely women, what your life consists of?

A cube the first - work. At someone easy and easy (for example, in some desk to shout at troublesome visitors, and in intervals between these visits to drink tea with fried pies); at someone - more severe (at the machine, at a counter, where not that tea, sorry! - the need could not be celebrated).

A cube of the second - the house. Undoubtedly - fortress and at the same time - exhibition of achievements and progress family budget.

A cube the third - the seasonal dacha on which there is no place to weeds and all useful vegetation settles down in a strict order.

The cube the fourth which is continuation of the previous two cubes - preparation strategic stocks for the winter in the form of a pickles, cookings and other, the routine homework which became for a long time nearly unbearable, but vital.

And at last, the last cube - free time. Choice here small. Knitting, sewing - as occupation by the uneasy to hands which without work cannot any more. Empathy television to serial passions conclusions concerning private life of stars, discussion of the latest news from the sphere national health care - as attempt to force the brain to distract from pressing problems. However, some advanced female representatives manage in the winter to run about on skis, in the summer - a trot, in off-season - to roll about under artificial sun .

And now, lovely women, tell, to you not precisely? Why you, once charming, sexy, ambitious ladies turned in standard (forgive!) women with short colored hair, an immense basin in fetters of jeans and absolutely extinct eyes, it is equal as with bent article and thinking of the robot? Women, why you ceased to love yourself? Why unhooked wings and cleaned them in a chest ? You think, for the sake of such here you your husbands and lovers will want to be courageous?

Only do not look for the reason of all this on the party . Honestly admit, you dared to fall to a similar state.

Isn`t it time for you to be stirred up? Life consists not only of getting of a daily bread. Concepts soul for the present nobody cancelled. And the Lord not for nothing puts this thingummy to us in a body at the birth.

You want to help to get out to yourself of a bog? Then take only several steps.

1. In the morning, looking in a mirror, ignore the wrinkles and folds. What now to grieve at come true?! Smile to yourself as to the new, interesting friend. No, with the head of me everything is all right, I assure you. What`s the use to whine concerning the cellulitis or shadows under the eyes? Regard it as your highlight. Especially as unusual to you the strizhechka or an obnovochka in the style unusual for you earlier, quite can if not to hide, then to improve what you so hesitate to expose on a public inspection.

2. By the way, shake up all your clothes. Whether is not present " there; dominations jeans and trousers? But whether not to return to you to skirts? Only not to such, as at the teacher from the next entrance or the woman from series about corrective labor colony. Slightly - slightly ruches, slightly - slightly skin, slightly - slightly cut Kolgotochki, not allowing to creep away to a body A scarf, surely bright and wound around your person as an advertizing leaf Men on the street will precisely stumble. And hundred percent, you will be the cause. Yes, and still belyishko put on more sexually. You feel as queens. And to your desires there will be no borders. I assure you, romantic thoughts will light a naughty spark in your eyes.

3. On service you do not hurry to steep in work. At you on it the whole day in a stock. Why not to tell a two-three of good words to the colleagues? Even if those in your eyes have also no such importance. Believe, the stupor of your colleagues will become for you a boundary of discoveries of own hidden advantages.

4. The chief cavils got? Yes for God`s sake, let overstrains! Smile. Nod in agreement. Do not expose the dislike for the head as evident propaganda. Swears - means, did not forget you. And you should not vegetate. And as required tell also it something slightly lukewarm . Let it will be puzzled.

5. Stop to empathize far-fetched television passions. There is a wish for communication - go online. Spare no expense, time and forces. For a start at least master VKontakte . You will be surprised how many people suffer from real loneliness and is eager for communication. You remember a lot of things from what once pleased you. And, certainly, you will find for yourself a lot of useful and interesting. And maybe, and new hobby.

6. Nobody urges you to throw the faithful partners . On the contrary, support them. But only do not give them a reason to involve you to the abyss of discussion of allegedly everyday passions. Tell them about the feelings. Yes, about feelings from remarkable warm weather or from a meeting with a cat on the way home. Anything, it is simple bring down the subject talk.

7. Stop to abuse life, people, circumstances. Look at a situation in a different way, from outside. Why to fight a forehead in a wall if to you it is painful? Pour for a start in an easy stream of a positive in your vision of development of the situation. Well, something did not turn out. Stop. Give yourself the chance to take rest. Be distracted by absolutely opposite. You will see, later time to you will ridiculously remember the suffering cries. Will find the solution of problems you.

8. And in general, why not skis in the winter? Yes with termosky and kosterochky in the wood. Why not jogging, but in magnificent bikini? Why not to gather a herd with the same women and not to go on the nature? To go or perhaps to theater? Or to go further, to enter club on interests? However, the flight of fancy in new, surprising occupations can be absolutely unpredictable. The main thing - desire to change the life to the best.

Women, your rescue in your hands. Nobody ever will bring you out of a condition of anabiosis. Only you are. Also it is not necessary to wait for holiday, pension, days off and other. Begin an action of own rescue right now. Just fall in love with yourself. As unique creation, as personality, as Woman. And your motto let will become You cannot change a situation, change the attitude towards her! Be not afraid to be pioneers, be not afraid of foreign opinion. Be not afraid of sidelong glances and usmeshechek. You will begin to be envied just, you surprising and fine.

And then, you will see, the world will be painted for you in the most fancy colors, your family and darlings will stretch to you, and your affairs will find worthy continuation!