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Fashion on baldness?

They say that the woman becomes more senior, the well have to be her hair. It is probable if a little to paraphrase this statement in relation to the man, then it will sound approximately so: the more the man has a bald head, the his chances to squeeze into ranks of desperate dandies increase more.

Actually, bald men, from an easy hand the VIP of persons, apparently, now in fashion. Vot uzhe and Bruce Willis joined their ranks. And what to do? You want - you do not want, and the fashion such itself is more and more persistently knocked on life every year. At first manifestation fashionable tendency it begins to be expressed in replacement of full-fledged hair with thin down, so-called, lanugo. And then the obstinate hair moves on a pillow at all, and, for the company with own bulb.

Is good still if on others pillow, but not on the. Though, and in it whether you know, there is minus. Also it is that others pillows these, sometimes, lead to rather serious problems. It, for example, as syphilis which is not only the ardent enemy of hair, but also most that on is a common cause of man`s baldness.

However, and it is possible to avoid syphilis and baldness at once if in the childhood to be castrated as as for a long time it is proved, baldness - the inherited sign which is transferred by the genes promoting active development of baldness in the presence in an organism of a large amount of testosterone. And as this testosterone begins to be produced intensively during puberty, it means that to any future man castrated before a maturity, there is nothing to be afraid of emergence of a bald head.

Of course, way not to everyone suitable But effective!

It is possible, however, to try baldness to treat: the special preparation was developed for this purpose rather recently, roganin is called: it promotes the prevention of baldness and stimulates growth of hair at even absolutely young people. Whether here it will only be correct to accustom young skin of the male head to use of a preparation with such peculiar name: it is good if after such treatment hair grow and if something else?

But joking aside! As it is for certain known that by twenty five years the same percent of young men begins to grow bald, and to fifty it increases to the figure of the same name, why in vain to be upset? A stress - one more reason of baldness. And if it is caused by love fever, divorce, or examination in institute - still where did not go. But is it necessary to cause it vain plaints which all the same nothing to change not in forces? And whether it is necessary to change it, actually?

the bald man in it something is!