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How to resist to a viral infection in autumn time?

Here also flew by summer, time of holidays, vacation, rest in the South and in foreign countries. With approach of fall even more often in transport cough and sneezing is heard. Cold declares itself cold and an inflammation of a throat, and cold is caused by a virus which quickly extends among people. Many did not manage to adapt to local weather conditions yet as they already say about the beginning of a flu epidemic.

There is a wish to resist somehow to this to an infection It is known that susceptibility to viral infections depends on a condition of our immune system. As soon as viruses and bacteria get to an organism, the immune system begins to develop antibodies, our defenders of an organism. But when the immune system is weakened, the organism cannot make enough antibodies to resist to an infection and then symptoms of cold and cough familiar to us appear.

The main role in maintenance of our immunity is assigned to vitamins, minerals, massage and a hardening of an organism.

Laynus Poling, the chemist and the Nobel Prize laureate, assigned a leading role in fight against viruses to vitamin C as this vitamin is excellent antioxidant. He recommended to accept daily 1 - 2 g for prevention, and for disposal of an infection recommended to increase a dose. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) participates in a metabolism, increases organism resilience to infections. The main sources of vitamin C are fresh fruit, vegetables, berries, greens.

For the weakened organism. Very simple recipe in production and consumption. It is necessary to buy packing of seeds of flax in a drugstore, to add a little granulated sugar to its contents and to process all this in the coffee grinder. Medicine is ready. To accept on 1 teaspoon every time with food (as a food additive).

An acorus - a strong natural antibiotic therefore, accepting it at the height of a flu epidemic, you not only will not get sick, but also strengthen the immunity.

They say that the acorus was delivered to us by Tatars. They always had at themselves this curative root which supported their forces in long campaigns.

root Piece to a rassasyvayta several times a day. Its unusual taste will be pleasant to you. 1 h l. a root of an acorus marsh fill in with a glass of boiled water. Boil 15 minutes and minutes 20 - 30 insist. To drink the received infusion in the morning, it is desirable, the whole glass.

It is possible to make antiinfluenzal sandwiches. To pass a lemon together with a dried peel via the meat grinder, then to mix from 100 g of the softened butter, to add couple of spoons of honey. To mix all. To pass garlic through a chesnokodavilka or to rub on a small grater, to mix with oil.

Cook chicken broth - it is ancient house means of disposal of cold and for prevention of a disease it was known 800 years ago. Add onions to food ( onions from seven an illness ) garlic (the dried-up garlic in capsules also possesses antibacterial and antiseptic properties). Add to porridge on a teaspoon of linseed oil. It is rich the Omega - 3 - fatty acids which block the substances causing an inflammation. A good source the Omega - 3 - fatty acids are fat grades of fish (a salmon, a mackerel, herring).

If you overcooled and felt irritation in a throat - symptoms of the future cold, chew pine needles. These can prevent further development of an illness. It is good to chew a few pine needles, to swallow juice, and to spit out needles.

The infection will not overcome if to increase zinc consumption. Increase in this element will force immune system to work at full capacity. Zinc suppresses reproduction of the virus causing herpes, strengthens mucous lips, complicating penetration of microbes. Zinc there are richly a lot of products, meat, grain products, nuts, yogurt is the richest.

At the increased tendency to catarrhal diseases put indoors where you are, a house geranium (if there is no allergy), juniper branches. The air saturated with phytoncides will increase functional activity of an organism, will help to stimulate protective forces. Include a humidifier in the room or deliver to the container with water about the battery (or hang up a wet sheet on the battery).

During a season of colds it is good to accept ekhinatsea tincture. And if to rinse a throat this tincture (a tincture tablespoon on a glass of water), then it not only will relieve a sore throat and will kill viruses, but also will strengthen immune system, will help it to resist to any infection.

Rubdown of a body water with apple cider vinegar - the cold medicine checked by generations. Let`s grope in an upper back the painful points located between a backbone and tops of shovels. Pressing on each of these points, we help an organism to resist an infection. Having rubbed the friend about the friend forefingers of hands, we will massage them nostrils, in the direction from top to down and from below up. Language make time fifteen roundabouts in a mouth that language concerned the top sky and foreteeth. Mass a point on a back surface of a brush, between big and index fingers.

And leaving the house, grease a nose with oksolinovy ointment, put three butonchik of a carnation (spice) in a mouth. You hold a carnation in a mouth while you go in city transport, slightly taking a bite of it. After arrival for work it is possible to spit out it. The way of an infection will be blocked.

If cold and flu bypassed everything - you the party, then at the first signs it is possible to apply shock the recipe (for adults): to hammer crude egg into 100 g of vodka, to add a little sugar, all this carefully to mix and drink for the night.