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What were Hollywood stars afraid and will be afraid of?

If to trust numerous researches, the famous people are subject to big fears, than simple citizens. Are afraid literally in total of a sudden illness, ruin, loss of glory, but especially - maniacs. The last problem most sharply rose before the western stars about thirty years ago what the statistics brightly testifies to. Then the bodyguard`s profession began to find special popularity, and stars began to unfasten considerable money for own safety.

All some fifty years ago the western stars in the everyday life practically did not face maniacs (not to confuse to fans) and their today`s colleagues were overwhelmed with less serious fears, than. For example, Marlene Dietrich in panic was afraid of microbes. Reached that the world famous movie star every time, going to a toilet, took with itself a jar with alcohol and vatu carefully to wipe a toilet bowl before sitting down on it. Further away not less famous person of that time director of FBI Edgar Hoover went in fight against an infection. In its office there was a special device with ultraviolet rays which regularly killed microbes, and the person who was responsible for destruction of flies in management rooms served in an environment at Hoover.

The famous king of horror Alfred Hitchcock was too we overwhelm with a set of phobias, but his fear of police officers was one of the brightest. Fear to cops appeared at Hitchcock in the deep childhood when the friend of his father - the police officer - for fun put little Alfred for five minutes in a cell to show what is prison. There was enough this time that future great director like panic fear to all peace officers.

At the end of 50 - x years the king fate - N - a beater Elvis Presley for the first time faced displays of mass psychosis of the audience in relation to himself. It had a huge army of fans who pursued it everywhere. Among them there were also several maniacs who repeatedly in letters threatened it with death. After this Presley itself had to employ personal bodyguards who followed about him everywhere.

On August 8, 1969 Hollywood was shaken by the tragedy which happened to the wife of the famous director Roman Polansky 26 - the summer film actress Sharon Tate. It fell a victim of members of sect of Charles Manson. The man and three girls cruelly dealt shortly with Sharon who is on the eighth month of pregnancy and her guests. Terrible crime shook all America. The public demanded the fastest capture of murderers. Hunting for sectarians lasted several months, during this time they managed to commit some more murders to which they tried to give a type of ritual. Only in January, 1971 the trial of Manson and his pupils took place. On process nobody heard contrite words from one of murderers. On the contrary, they needled and let know that all this gave them indescribable pleasure. The prosecutor demanded the most severe penalty that the court and made: On January 25 Manson was sentenced to death, the others to life imprisonment. However soon in the State of California the death penalty was abolished, and Manson became the lifelong prisoner too.

After this wild case panic captured Hollywood, and practically all its inhabitants started surrounding themselves with a dense ring of bodyguards. It became gold time for privat security guard . All 70 - e in America went years rapid development of this type of business.

For passed since then 30 with superfluous years a problem of star maniacs did not disappear at all, on the contrary - assumed the menacing scale. Now almost over each star hangs as a sword of Damocles, fear to be the killed some psychopath. According to the estimates of experts, the army of such maniacs totals 5000 people in the ranks! If to consider that Hollywood is about two hundred stars, then it turns out that about 25 maniacs are the share of each celebrity approximately!

Over the last ten years quantity of cases when maniacs pursued stars or attacked them, exceeded indicators of all previous years. And not only stars of cinema, but also other representatives of a star Olympus became the victims of psychopaths: the couturier, the priest - performers, a top - models, athletes.

Became the victims of psychopaths Madonna (a certain Robert Hoskins throughout a long time promised to cut her a throat from an ear to an ear), Emmanuel Bear (in letters the maniac described how will cruelly force her), Julia Roberts, Sharon Stone, Tom Cruise, Nichole Kidman, and even Bruce Willis (he received letters with threats to kidnap him three daughters).

It is necessary only to regret the Hollywood inhabitants of heaven and their families. Probably, such is payment for glory and success.