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Ha - ha twice a day or What is a gelotologiya?

the Reason of the majority of problems of the person is connected with existence at it internal clips and tension which it gets during all the life. They are present practically at all levels of an organism from physiology to mind inclusive.

This tension, about many of which people do not even suspect, interfere with harmonious circulation of vital energy that negatively affects both on health, and all aspects of human life, without allowing it to be natural, happy to realize the creative potential more stoutly, to be more able-bodied. How to help itself?

The American physicians established that in a cerebral cortex there are certain sites which are responsible for the general physical health of the person and happy perception to them to life. Clinically was confirmed that stimulation of these zones allows to cure a set of diseases.

, It seems, everything is good, but, unfortunately, today, at the disposal of medicine there is only one preparation which can make impact on these zones is a cocaine. The trouble only that it has the mass of collateral negative impacts and, the most dangerous, causes drug addiction.

The ideal non-drug means stimulating activity of these centers of a brain is the laughter! And it has an indisputable advantage before many types of medical impacts on the person: it is absolutely natural, so is harmless!

It is well-known that the laughter and good mood are strong curative help: fears, experiences and alarms leave. And in exchange the pleasure and positive perception of life appears. The laughter brakes a producing a brain of hormones of a stress - adrenaline and a cortisone, stimulating at the same time the strengthened emission of the serotonin called happiness hormone what actually is medicine for the people having a depression and chronic fatigue. The laughter strengthens immune system that is essential at protection against cancer and reproduction of tumor cells.

Laughter - the short and strong expiratory movements with an open mouth which are followed by characteristic faltering sounds, arising at the person when he has some feelings (preimushch. at experience of pleasure, fun, at supervision or representation something amusing, ridiculous, comic, and also at some nervous shocks, etc.) ; these sounds.

Unfortunately, the modern science cannot offer more exact explanation for what is laughter yet. As, actually, and to many other.

people learned to Use laughter in the improving purposes for a long time. Not for nothing still Hippocrates advised to smile more often! In modern medicine even the independent direction - a gelotologiya was created (from Greek gelos - laughter), studying influence of laughter on a human body. But it appears, as in such, apparently, simple business as laughter, there are difficulties.

In world practice where treatment is actively applied by laughter, nearly the most great difficulty which smekhoterapevta meet, is in how to help the person to laugh? As supportive applications, videotapes of comic contents, an audio recording or even direct speeches of the famous satirists and humorists, the corresponding surroundings, scenery, clothes and other are used.

But the laughter on performance of the humorist is caused only through intellectual perception. And if the person does not like this or that humorist? If he heard these jokes already repeatedly? Well not to tickle him violently?!

That is, it is very superficial option depending on a set of factors. And serious result from such smekhoterapiya of course, it is not necessary to expect. Therefore very often after agiotage interest in an unusual way of treatment, there is rather fast recession by enthusiasm for this therapy. And majority clubs and offices of laughter are forced to close the activity also quickly.

One more complexity is connected with a laughter dosage on group sessions. Especially, when at the hall there are patients or very weakened people. How in time to stop rough laughter, without bringing it to a hysterics and psycho - an emotional overload?! It can significantly be reflected in deterioration in health. If in the hall 5 - 6 people, are one conversation and if - 100 or 200?

Achievement of the maximum effect of influence by laughter requires the competent and dosed its application. Repeatedly the laughter combination to other components of a smekhoterapiya increases this effect. In the complex influence it is the fastest and strong means for elimination of internal tension and restoration of harmonious work of all human body.

Smekhoterapiya - improving influence by laughter (not to confuse to comic shows and a yumoroterapiya). Not only only one laughter, is the whole program which surely enter:

- a complex of simple exercises of yoga where the main attention is paid to development of a backbone, removal of muscular tension and a relaxation;

- special breathing exercises for stabilization of nervous system and mentality;

- training in internal silence and an internal zatikhaniye for achievement of deep relaxation and rest.

the Most optimum duration of a course of a smekhoterapiya - 10 - 12 occupations (two weeks); duration of one occupation of a smekhoterapiya makes about 3 hours from which on laughter it can be taken away till 1,5 o`clock.

One of the main tasks of a smekhoterapiya - to help all organism to plunge into a condition of deep rest in which automatically there is an activization of forces of nature. The laughter which began from this state is many times more effective on the influence! And here is how to achieve this deep calm and a zamolkaniye and from there, from that depth, to start energy of laughter, neither humorists, nor physicians know. Such laughter allows to clean the deepest and inveterate stresses from an organism and, reaching the thinnest mental clips and tension, to clean them. It allows to release a huge number of the vital energy which was earlier wasted. And further already nature sends this released energy to the necessary course - on rejuvenation and improvement of all organism.

One more, important remark: the laughter is trained! Each person is able to laugh. Only it often for various reasons clamps in itself(himself) this ability.

On occupations of a smekhoterapiya people learn to open as much as possible to laughter, to trust it as to the good loyal friend. As a rule, most of participants reveals somewhere on the third - the fourth occupation. That`s when more serious approach begins.

The laughter in the program is used not only for the sake of the laughter and good mood. One of a set of its functions is a preparation of a human body for more effective impact on it of breathing, physical and intellectual exercises.

Training, the person will be able to maintain more and more high loadings. Mind, mentality, nervous system, physiology, being cleared, become stabler and stronger. Respectively and in life at the person everything becomes much simpler, easier and happier.

Advice to readers: laugh more often, laugh more And when to you at all not to laughter, remember something amusing and smile to the thoughts.