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How to organize the first visit with the child of theater?

become Very frequent the first theater in the child`s life puppet theater. It would seem what more simply - to visit theater with the child: bought tickets, gathered, in time arrived... however it not absolutely so - if the kid goes to " theater; unprepared it can be big disappointment. To avoid it it is necessary to try to make a visit of theater special.

First of all it is necessary to choose attentively spektatkl - it has to correspond to age of the child, his interests and development, all children different and only you as the parent, you can make a right choice. It will not make special work: absolute majority of theaters in the posters indicate what age group the performance is calculated.

Before a visit of theater it is better to acquaint the kid with a plot of the forthcoming statement in advance - to read the fairy tale or the play. But even if this well familiar work costs it everything - to refresh in memory.

Very mneogy theaters have the pages on the Internet. It is possible and it is even necessary to use actively when training the child for visit of a performance - on the website

Certainly, to explain to the beginning theater-goer muzhno what it is theater and as it is arranged. To tell that in the hall you will see a scene, and actors and dolls will play before it the fairy tale which you read. Pay attention of the child that other children also will come to a performance, and therefore in the hall it is necessary to sit quietly not to disturb other audience and actors. Tell the kid and unwritten rules of conduct in public places: about what in the hall cannot be eaten - for this purpose in theater there is a buffet and that it is worth taking care of a campaign to the bathroom in advance before representation or in an interval too.

To children, it is usually interesting to know that

to bring a solemn note in visit of this temple of art remarkably will be to put on twist a family as for a holiday.

Remember that the visit of theater is not only entertainment, but also an important lesson for the child: with heroes spektatklya he will learn to empathize, express feelings, to understand relationship. And on it use the best efforts in order that from visit of theater your child derived pleasure.

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