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Who is guilty of financial crisis, or Why natives ate Cook ?

we agreed Ten years ago with our government not to interpose in the matter of each other. The government can do that wants if only too something came the way of us. And everything went normally. The government under the leadership of different, undoubtedly men of science placed oil money in papers American still valuable at that time. The enterprises took the cheap credits in the western banks under pledges expensive then still actions. The population bought up in bulk apartments, cars, TVs and permits in heavenly spots of the planet.

The concluded water truce suited all parties. Principle live itself and let`s live another became fundamentals of economic policy of the Russian state. We were ready to forgive billions Abramovicham on condition of a guarantee of the annual visit of the Egyptian beach.

We gave the vote United Russia cynically realizing that uniform it can be only in the inflamed imagination of the Kremlin political strategists. We ceased to climb in policy, having exchanged this occupation for daily shopping. So Europeans tamed natives from far islands, showing them a beads from cheap glass. Showed us beautiful life, and to tell the truth, many bought it. After the long years lived by the country in hunger and ruin at last it was possible to feel Europeans.

Not for long music played. Storming world financial crisis showed that not all fairy tales terminate hepp - endy. The carriage turns into pumpkin again. Cinderellas come back to the former workplaces, many of which are already busy by guest workers from the neighboring kingdoms.

And there is already a wish to be engaged in search of guilty persons. Who tries to destroy the idealistic pastoral drawn with such work? Who is false in a harmonious duet of the power and the people? Who lets out a squeak during performance of the romance Chrysanthemums in the garden " faded long ago;? And why these chrysanthemums were not cut in due time off and sold in the free market?

Kudrin? Or maybe, as Zhvanetsky, " used to say; in conservatory to correct something ? Perhaps, to ask the conductor to wave the stick more accurately. And to change violinists and trombonists in places. However, it will turn out already according to Krylov:

And you, friends as you sit down, All do not suit

for musicians !
Is not present

, all - matter in ourselves. Or we, at last will understand that cheap cheese happens only in a mousetrap, or so until the end of life we will remain natives who are tempted with a glass beads.

However, and to some adventurers - seafarers want to remind of sad destiny of the captain Cook killed and fried on one of far islands by these natives.

Also uplet it without salt and without onions.

the Bale directly in a cinciput. Also Cook is absent .

V. S. Vysotsky.