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Than bloodsuckers are useful?

Actually, bloodsuckers - very interesting beings and glory of spiteful blood-suckers have unfairly, and, probably, from - for unconscious fastidiousness of some people to them. These little bloodsuckers have a huge number of sensitive receptors. Their body is covered with cages by means of which they are capable to catch any movement and to cling to any surface.

Besides, they can long pursue the victim on a smell. Exactly thanks to existence of such incentive, a bloodsucker nearly six months can do without food. Heat of a body of the victim is an ultimate goal for this blood-sucker. The mouth of a bloodsucker has three jaws and three hundred teeth which with ease stick into skin, and thanks to an elastic structure of the body during meal the bloodsucker is capable to increase in a size five times.

Unique abilities of bloodsuckers were noticed still by medieval doctors. Especially often they were used in France where scientists counted that annually bloodsuckers exhaust from patients more than 1,5 million liters of blood a year. Doctors of antiquity used bloodsuckers only on all surface of a human body for treatment of absolutely various diseases. There were even special tubes - the applicators for bloodsuckers having openings from the both parties. These tubes used for hard-to-reach spots where the bloodsucker could not reach independently, for example, a rectum or nostrils. The bloodsucker was placed in such applicator, and she crept on it up to the end, and then just stuck to the right place.

In the ancient time assumed that bloodsuckers help to exhaust from a body of evil spirits. Scientists of that time believed that the kind and evil spirits operating energiya and opportunities of a body therefore in order to avoid diseases it is necessary to support constantly balance between them bear responsibility for health of the person. Bloodsuckers helped with it to medieval doctors, exhausting from the person evil " blood;. As development of biology was then at the initial stage, people gradually departed from treatment by bloodsuckers as it did not bring obviously expressed, visually defined effect. In those days more radical methods of treatment were more often used.

Today doctors recognize unique abilities of bloodsuckers and use them, for example, for prevention of the tumors arising as complications after surgical interventions. Give invaluable help in reconstructive surgery of a bloodsucker to postoperative patients as the means interfering formation of hematomas and hypostases, and also blood clots which are capable to cork vessels and to damage fabric, thereby interfering with normal healing.

Bloodsuckers promote restoration of normal food of the damaged fabrics. The hungry bloodsucker exhausts old blood so the fresh blood enriched with oxygen comes to the damaged site until that finally is restored. Systematic application of bloodsuckers can reduce headaches and reduce arterial pressure at the people having a hypertension.

Of course, not everyone will like the blood-thirsty being who stuck to a surface of his skin, however bloodsuckers can really help the person and with success do it.