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Whether our children are able to find and perceive information?

are much printed articles Now, scientific researches are conducted, scientists, and all speak at different meetings to answer one question: What is the generation of next interested in?

My work is closely connected with school students, I teach mathematics and informatics in the senior classes. It is necessary to communicate, watch much from outside the pupils. For operating time I collected extensive material, using which, it is possible to write not one book on psychology of the teenager. But now I want to share with you here what.

At one of lessons boys - seniors had to prepare for printing the two-page document on any subject. Pupils chose a subject, nobody limited them, the main thing - the subject has to be interesting not only most, but also to the schoolmate that it was possible to tell about it to the friend. Certain requirements were imposed to registration of the document. It is necessary to tell that school students started performance of work with enthusiasm. But than there was longer a lesson, pupils faced that various problems more and more. It appears, it is very difficult to stop on any, really deserving attention of a subject. Modern school students can talk to you on different subjects, but you will hear not much! The narrowness of interests does not allow them to penetrate into the obtained information attentively. Most likely, it something, somewhere heard, someone told something . There is no deep immersion in a subject.

So occurred and this time. Having analysed the chosen subjects of projects, here that I received. Automobile cars, and everything that is connected with them - this subject became interested six people. On two persons addressed a subject of the unknown flying objects and soccer. Among working on the project there was one admirer of Britney Spears who downloaded information on its biography with the fan - the website, on it and calmed down. On one person paid the attention to planes, policy, economy.

There were works which are really deserving a positive assessment. One of pupils told about the plans for the future. He dreams, having graduated from school, to arrive on faculty of journalism. His father works as the journalist in one of local mass media. The father tells him about the work, business trips, communication with interesting people much. All this is interesting to the boy, and he already made the choice. For preparation for receipt he collects information on the future profession, gets acquainted with materials of newspapers, chooses the pleasant works in the folder. Together with the father he is engaged in the photo and already now it has many works deserving attention.

Other boy chose as a subject of the project history of the early Middle Ages. He told why he made such choice. I chose this subject because I very much am interested in culture and life of people of the early Middle Ages. I consider that during this era there were major events in the history of mankind . I do not think that its interest in history will end upon termination of work on this project at once. It will be able to connect the life with studying of historical regularities.

Other works were superficial or completely downloaded from the Internet. What wants to be noted, pupils cannot use opportunities of a global network at all. They cannot precisely formulate inquiry in a search engine. Aimlessly jump from one reference to another. And having obtained information, cannot choose the basic, see an essence of the phenomenon or process - truth grain. Now say much that through world wide web children study bad, see a pornography, are exposed to virtual violence. But I have other opinion. Some children not that the Internet, the computer saw this year the first time. They dashingly understand with most fancy phones, but cannot master a mouse.

Here also it turns out that our children are not able, do not want and cannot obtain new information, and already received cannot apply. Modern information technologies give enormous opportunities for information processing. And children, often because of the apathy, remain outside such opportunities. This year we at school had an opportunity to organize a full-fledged computer class, with connection from the Internet. But the special pleasure about it from pupils was not observed. It is not interesting to them.

And how to draw attention of pupils to opportunities of information technologies? At first it is necessary to teach the child to knowledge of travel according to diverse pages and the websites. Further through wide use of the personal computer in educational activity to show how it is possible to make quickly and qualitatively charged task. Then, possessing such tool, the child himself will be able to use it for gettings new knowledge both of informatics, and of other objects. Perhaps, further it will be able to find the worthy place in life.