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What leaders are?

Are remembered, I promised to tell you of what heads, chiefs are. I have a good habit to keep the word and therefore, without hesitating seconds, I will begin to tell about psychological types of heads. If to be more precisely, not heads, but leaders. These concepts not always coincide.

you understand that the chief will not always be for subordinated by the true leader, and more likely formal, appointed from above .

So, types of leaders!

1. Business leader. Its activity is directed to unity of group of employees around work, to improvement of quality of work of employees, increase in speed and volume of work if it is possible.

2. The emotional leader - soul of collective (heart of group). Such person is capable to lift fighting spirit employees, their mood to encourage. The collective though on the world`s end will follow such leader.

3. The leader - the organizer. He is capable to set the clear, attainable objects, feasible tasks for employees, to plan accurately their working day and activity in general. But this leader can organize not only the affairs connected with work and any other actions: collective holidays, birthday someone from employees, backpacking. Under its sensitive management everything will go, like clockwork.

4. The leader - the comforter. It is ready to support at a difficult moment, to encourage, calm, in it " vest; colleagues can be cried remorselessly. Such leader - the good listener, is able to keep others secrets.

5. Creator. This leader is full of fresh, original ideas, likes to experiment on a workplace, to apply if it is possible, in labor process new production technologies, methods, research techniques. Creativity - here that results in unity of collective around it.

6. The leader - the fighter. He always at any opportunity asserts the rights, honor and dignity of employees, can easily organize labor union, a strike, strike, is capable to present favourably collective on any action: meeting, meeting etc. of

7. The leader - the temper. Meets where in men`s collective there is one woman or on the contrary, in women`s collective the only man can play a role of the temper.

8. The leader - an idol. From the name it is clear that this person - an example for imitation, employees see in it an ideal, follow it, blindly adore, worship to it. All he told - the ultimate truth.

9. The information leader is brain collective. Such person supplies employees with the latest news connected with a field of activity, news and gossips from a working environment: organizations, plant, firm, etc.

10. Bad example. It can also be the instigator of strikes, strikes, boozes on a workplace, the purpose of such outrage - to salt to the top management, to maintain image bad guy hooligan.

11. Universal leader. It combines all merits which can only be imagined at the good person. And work is argued with it, both it is possible to go hiking and to exchange news, and to share heart-felt secrets.

12. The leader - the diplomat. He will settle all conflicts and will not allow to arise new, will find the compromise solution in a situation, apparently, of desperate, will make everything to reconcile, resolve dispute, to judge, using the eloquence and lively wit, but not rigidity and not force of influence.

13. Tyrant. This leader will just use force, cruelty, the power, will subordinate to himself collective fear, fear of punishment, deprivation of awards, possibilities of career development. It is possible to tell that it is Hitler in the head`s chair. This person will hold subordinated in echinoid mittens also will not give eases, it is difficult to ask for it the sick-list, holiday, a compensatory holiday.

If employees understand to what psychological type their leader belongs (the chief, the director, the head), contact will be come much quicker and with the smallest damage to employees.