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Monastery of god - the sky or a stone?

Since ancient times people trusted that stones can protect from the evil, give to the owner some properties contributing to happiness, good luck, longevity to cure diseases.

Such deep belief in stone panacea goes back to those times when people looked for the mighty ally in fight against elements. Mighty and reliable. And what or who meet these conditions more, than stones?

Imagine the ancient person who for the first time saw jewel. Let not processed yet, only a chip, but already fine. Marvelous and eternal, not subject to external influence, indifferent, nothing afraid. Not afraid even of time.

The stone possesses eternity - from the point of view of the person. The one who saw the stone birth will not be able to live up to his death. Life expectancy human, in comparison with continuation of life of a stone, only dust on wind: here it is, and right there it is absent.

And the stone became a deity.

Stones were worshipped. Brought them gifts and the victims. Still before there was a fantastic pantheon of the Olympus, Greeks worshipped not idols, and crude stones, considering that in them there live gods. Thirty stone quadrangular pyramids were placed into the square of the Achaean city to Farah, each of them bore a name of god.

In beotiysky Tesniya esteemed god of love, he was considered as the Supreme deity for residents of this city, but when Lysippos and Praksitel modeled for Tesniya fine statues from bronze and marble, people continued to worship the ugly stone idol - it, stone, almost raw, was for them a true embodiment of god of love.

The prophet Isaiah reproached Jews for an idolization of the smooth boulders which are in dry, stony ravines for sacrifices by it and commission of ritual libations. Semi-precious stones of an efud (efud - a breastplate) vestments of the high priest of Judea - one of the first written mentions of stones are listed in the Bible.

Hebrew names of stones remained to this day - a carnelian, topaz, a ruby, a hyacinth, an emerald, amethyst, chrysolite, onyx, a jasper Apparently, this breastplate was not just ornament, it was a board in the most literal sense of this word and protected the owner from many troubles, misfortunes and diseases and even from attack of the murderer - thanks to the magic force of stones.

From the temple the Kaaba tell legends about a stone, to it there are pilgrims to this day, try to concern a wonderful stone waiting that at least the small part of force will pass to them. All people trusted in the magic force of stones, any did not avoid this belief. Stones - a magic vessel, here of what were convinced our ancestors.

They took great pain to strengthen magic action of stones. On stones engraved images which had to help to reveal deep essence of a stone. On amethyst represented a bear, on beryl - a frog, on chalcedony - the rider with a spear, on sapphire - a ram. There was the whole science of a facet and production of a frame for stones so that to increase their magic properties, but not to weaken them. Various frames and ways of a facet were intended for different diseases or different amulets (for example, the same stone which is put in order in different metals helped from different diseases).

The stone image of a demon, a figurine dreadful by sight as if descended from pages of the novel of horrors, it was urged to save from evil forces, to keep from demons, a malefice, sorcery.

We got used to consider that God there, above, in heaven. Even atheists when the speech comes about God, involuntarily represent the good-natured old man with a beard sitting on a cloud. And ancient Egyptians were sure that particles of god are in lazurite and meditation over this stone allows to concern infinite divine clothes.

Ancient writers, poets, doctors, scientists listed a set of properties of stones which are capable to raise a skeptical smile at the modern person. But whether they so were wrong? Already there are admirers of a litoterapiya - treatment by means of stones. People are interested in the remains of ancient knowledge more and more. Perhaps, new opening - on strictly scientific basis - the properties of the stones unusual described still by our far ancestors and magic is business of the near future.