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How to see Other Italy? Italians tell

: To see in the afternoon of a star, it is necessary to look at them from a well bottom and to learn the country - it is necessary to taste its wine .

Many tourists who arrived to Italy very quickly began to share this point of view. No, they did not dive into a well, but the matchless wine of one of the best private wine makers of Lazio (the mountain suburb of Rome) which took the First Award in 2004 allowed them to learn the country really!

This wine can be found only in the most luxurious wine shops, there it is a little of it, but the prices are already several times higher, than from the wine maker therefore tourists usually prefer (after plentiful and long - more than two hours - tastings) to get this exclusive directly from the producer.

Excursion begins at about noon, the group usually represents either the cheerful company of curious travelers, or respectable family with restless offsprings, or (in case of the individual order) can be presented in general only by the solid wealthy gentleman preferring the VIP - service in everything. There are also absolutely unique tourists, but the most important - this round, Other Italy leaves nobody indifferent!

Usually the people from a wine zavodik it is necessary to expel kicks, nobody is to go with desire in mountains to watch the monastery any more. But, having seen the monastery, do not want to climb down mountains any more, and after rural small restaurant in general and to Rome do not want to come back. The monastery in mountains not just an architecture monument though even in this quality to it is not present equal is a holy site for Italians! The most ancient Saint Benedict`s monastery in Italy is located near Rome.

This monastery - the special song. There Saint Pistaky took refuge in the second century from persecutions of the emperor Domitsiana, then the Emperor Konstantin ordered to construct on the place of a privacy of this Saint a small chapel which later, in the 12th century, was a part of other church and almost invariable remained up to now. To this monastery as the individual, the dead Pope John Paul II arrived to pray every Wednesday, and the present Pope Benedict VI tries to carry on this tradition, but at it it is impossible to arrive every week. The prior of the monastery says that truly believing people feel Virgin Mary`s presence there. Italians go there to ask Virgin about something, and people whose requests were complied bring to the monastery a metal beautiful heart - and so, there all walls are already covered by them!

Only two hours in this amazing place - and tourists manage not only to go sightseeing in the monastery, but also to like surprising spirit of Eternity that is even more supported with the following part of travel - aqueducts. An aqueduct - the tunnel of 60 cm by 1,5 meter in size constructed in the mountain for delivery of water from mountains to the valley, and on any distances. In aqueducts the principle of communicating vessels, actually was used therefore in Rome there were always enough fountains with water. By the second century of our era to the Eternal city 11 aqueducts were laid, on some water in the Roman sources still runs, and they were made three - four thousand years ago and still function.

Having admired about an hour ingenious creations of the past, we go to a fortress of the 11th century - Saint Peter`s (Castel san Pietro Romano) Lock where we spend an hour more, literally touching the past with hands. Fortress was constructed for supervision over enemy armies on the ways to Rome, from terraces the tremendous panorama of all region of Lazio and Rome still opens. The review on 60 km extensively makes incomparable impression on the modern resident of big cities. And as the lock is closed for visits (keys my good Italian friend together with permission to surveys got), some mystery soars in air during the whole time of stay in fortress.

The dinner in a mountain trattoriya becomes final, but very pleasant chord of this almost ecological round. This dinner, inherently, is pure agrotourism. More than 70% of production from which dishes are prepared for a dinner, own production. Time prices in 3 - 4 below, than in Rome. In Italy the state gives to such enterprises tax benefits provided that they practically make everything. Therefore there everything is very tasty: meat, olive oil, cheeses and cottage cheese, sausages and vegetables - everything is made in the same place. On mountain meadows small herds are grazed, on terraces tiny olive bosks and small vineyards were stretched, the part of the earth was occupied by mountain kitchen gardens.

The trattoriya is in the picturesque place, in mountains, in national park too. This park is located at the height of 800 meters above sea level and is well-known that in it the ancient Roman way paved by the Roman legionaries through appeninsky mountains still remained. To guests of a trattoriya suggest to try a domestic wine, a set of grades of cheese and the most tasty meat: veal, mutton, pork or even meat of a wild boar. As weather in Italy in the summer steadily hot, is not present anything better, than, drinking the cool wine offered for tasting by swarty machoes to admire the pyshnogrudy Italian signorinas giving the best dishes of home Italian cuisine prepared by cooks of this mountain trattoriya.

To nine o`clock in the evening travel to other Italy comes to an end. Tired, but madly happy tourists are perplexed for a long time why did not come to their mind to spend all holidays in mountains. And I sincerely hope that I will be able to help my compatriots to understand and fall in love with this country - absolutely OTHER ITALY!