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Whether it is possible to count on gifts from the Internet, or Her Majesty Halyava!

you never ordered a freebie from the Internet? Well, then you lost much. You, of course, will tell that there`s no such thing as a free lunch. Everything can be, I do not deny. But I nevertheless decided to order something at own risk.

Many companies and firms offering any services or goods send the brochures, booklets, a compact - disks, product samples, t-shirts, badges, stickers, rugs for mice, posters etc. And all this is absolutely free!

Cheapskates from among mine the Internet - acquaintances imparted experience. It turned out that practically always and without special problems send CD and DVD disks, and also booklets. The order made on the website with religious subject differs in especially high speed. And why, actually, to us Christ`s biography in English or Japanese? Yes just like that! Freebie!

On the websites it is possible to choose many interesting things: from stickers on the car to mousepads. Only there is not a lot of normal websites. The majority of them just place references to the websites with a freebie which, in turn, too are references to some references.

A traffic to visit all references interesting me, about 40 megabytes left. But money for use of the Internet - the only thing that I paid. It is less, than free trial lessons from " came in the 2nd weeks; Eshko together with the catalog all of them courses and a price, a disk with Linux (who does not know, it is an alternative operating system for the computer) and several cards which are pleasantly smelling of LaCoste toilet water.

On " soap; there were several letters with the text in English that my application is processed and I will receive the ordered thing in 3 - 5 weeks. Curiosity was played more and more. Now on my refrigerator the magnet with the table for sight check flaunts. It would be possible to do easily without it, but it is surprising of guests, anybody of my acquaintances does not have it.

Firms to catch the potential buyer and the user of services in my person, are ready to send paper samples for business cards, a tree for some construction works, a laminate for a floor, diapers for my child (whom and in the project - that yet, frankly speaking, is not present), a videotape with the movie about some mean resort in the unclear country, the guide to construction of saunas and a lot of things is many other things.

Doubts concerning mailing of t-shirts, baseball caps and other clothes remained with me. Yet nothing came to either me, or my friends on a global network. Procedure of the order of a rug for a mouse is similar to all rest, but this absolutely necessary the accessory for some reason does not reach.

Quite often the websites come across, having come on which and having filled in the questionnaire, it is possible to receive free of charge mobile phone (yes and not some Siemens A - 35, and very and very quite good), a MP3 - a player, the laptop and to that similar things. But you should not trust such offers. At best you receive cellular which will not work with one this - the card of the Russian operator. In the worst - you will just waste time.

Also some difficulties met to me. In - the first, absolute ignorance of a foreign language on which questionnaire questions are written. In most cases the text in English, but me met on Spanish, Italian and even Chinese. It was necessary to guess. In - the second, filling in points, I pedantically entered a name, a surname, the address, but when business reached the choice of the country, I was waited by disappointment. In the provided list of the countries of Russia it did not appear in half of cases. But nothing terrible happened.

Expectations that my e-mail will be filled up by mountains of spam, did not come true. Also the possibility of such situation disturbed: you come to mail behind the order, and speak to you, pay so much and so many for goods or for its transfer. Nothing similar happened.

But sooner or later common sense everything is got the best. Travel on Internet back streets in search of a freebie ended, having left only reminiscence of pleasantly spent day off and expectation of gifts from the different companies.