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What can teach the kid, just playing with him in machines? The molding and application of

Acquaintance to application

When I once again with chagrin was convinced by

that except machines - samoletik - boats nothing interests my two-year-old, I had to think out a way to teach him to elementary methods of application by means of these vehicles. During the same period (thanks to a series of books School of seven gnomes ) he began to distinguish well means of transport - air, land, water. Having decided to consolidate at the same time concepts and to carry away the child a new art form, I began to invent again.

From a course of preschool psychology I remembered that at the age of 2 - 3 years kids give preference to large forms of art therefore we created the first application on a big leaf of a Whatman paper and it is more interesting to use big formats in game.

At first I suggested the son to draw the road, helped intersection to represent, and then we together pasted machines - stickers from the book about traffic regulations. Long enough then the kid with enthusiasm played on improvised carriageway rolling machines. With stickers it was easy for us to do applications and simply. I thought out a plot, found the suitable book and, taking stickers from there, told a synula of history, and it, on the play " course; pasted them to sheets of paper. Set masterpieces we gave away, and some, especially valuable, we store houses.

In application I used not only stickers - everything that can be pasted in principle. So, from cotton wool and holographic paper on a big leaf of a tinted Whatman paper we created sky on which planes and rockets flew at us. I cut out asterisks, the son only pasted, and here tore off wadded clouds and rolled. Still sometimes asks to get the sky - in space now plays.

Except cotton wool, I used still grain and plasticine. The background was painted too by the kid when paint dried, I showed how to work with glue, and suggested to paste grain (millet). We did this application in two stages - tinted a cover of a shoe box and created seabed in one day, and fishes from plasticine and an alga from paper a corrugation were pasted on following. And all available boats and the ships were immediately started up in swimming!

After 2,5 years when the son quite mastered scissors, application became one of the most favourite its occupations. From paper strips it pasted roads, from " magazines; Car cut out machines, adding what could paste. Then I inspired by ideas of valdorfsky pedagogics released all open average segment of cases and placed everything for occupations by creativity there - boxes with color paper, glue, scissors, an album and paints (gouache and a water color), plasticine and a potter`s wheel with clay. Of course, I did not expect that the child will be engaged itself, I only wanted that he constantly had an opportunity to create. The kid to whom accessories to work catch sight just himself offers me: Let`s draw (we will sculpture, we will make application)!

the Moulding and machines

I acquainted the kid With plasticine till two years. At first it just buttons stuck also cockleshells, then stuck together the first car. As well as in a case with application, I had to use game cunnings, even just to involve the young motorist in process of a molding.

At the black machine the wheel broke, and I offered the son to stick instead of it a big button. That the kid understood process, I smeared plasticine with a dense layer on a cover of a plastic box, itself stuck a button to it, and suggested the son to make also. Then, having attached to a big button a plasticine piece, I repaired machine. Certainly, the new wheel right there was torn off and stuck independently.

Creation of the machine from plasticine was the following stage. Having taken whetstone of black plasticine, we designated it as body stuck from above cabin in half-whetstone of green color, and already then, having postponed four buttons, I gave to the kid the chance most them to stick.

Then we began to master gradually receptions of a molding, and having for some reason begun with connection of details. Using an acorn, plasticine and toothpicks, the son in one and a half years created the masterpiece which is not giving in to the description and the name, but imprinted by us on a photo as Abstraction with acorns . Then many different designs were created, but the first was the most original!

Very much the child liked idea to smear plasticine on pictures. I thought out autoplots - apples to load a body or to primazat the same wheels for the drawn truck. A masterpiece of this type of creativity and this age period - application Autumn tree with a trunk from tinted brown paper, yellow plasticine leaves and red plasticine apples took the worthy place in a frame on a wall of the grandmother`s house.

the son mastered reception of a raskatyvaniye simply - at the racing car at competitions fuel reached a limit, and it was necessary to get the canister of gasoline. Suitable capacity was not, rolled sausage and filled machine. As gasoline was not enough for all - rolled with ecstasy canisters sausage long enough.

Rolling and flattening were easily mastered through production of wheels. It is no secret that even the strongest machines lose wheels over time. Ours an exception are not therefore, having assembled all machines needing under repair once and having got a box with plasticine, I suggested the kid to play in auto repair shop . Wheels had to be made both big, and small - at the same time and the sizes were repeated, having found out in passing that all wheels have to be identical, otherwise the machine will not be able to go. Here very opportunely Suteev`s fairy tale " had; Different wheels - however, the son still with pleasure listens to it and plays.

Very much it was pleasant to the kid to mold from plastic (especially racing machines) - plastiform stiffens and it is possible to roll safely the machine, without being afraid of it to rumple. Here he understood that it is better to mold from an integral piece, and methods of procrastination and a sminaniye accustomed by itself.

Over time the molding became a constant component of the majority of games - we mold inhabitants of a zoo and the river Neil, a harvest of vegetables and fruit for the game Farm pies for a basket of the Little Red Riding Hood, egg of dinosaurs - all that can be necessary in game. But most often vehicles - planes, rockets, the ships and, of course, machines.

My youngest grows very quickly, and I precisely know - it is necessary to manage to play with it! Very much the kid can be taught, just playing with him in machines...