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How to return the sun to the life?

in one of October days suddenly were found out Once that with approach of morning you felt something not so with your mood. What is it? Next seasonal melancholy or autumn depression?

How many it is already written scientific medical articles on this subject, and a question periodically appears on a surface of our daily occurrence. How many various councils for fight against this illness it is possible to meet and even to try to turn many into safe implementation. But, the depression periodically can develop again. What its emergence depends on?

The reasons there can be a great variety. For example, the fatigue caused by mental and physical overfatigue, any of complexes which can be transformed to chronic dissatisfaction by itself(himself), the prolonged not resolved personal or household problems, restriction of freedom in something, and can be just some small unpleasant conversation which left the heavy muddy deposit over time forming a viscous bog of stuffy memoirs in heart. And how many do not list possible options the reasons, and occupation this ungrateful. Because our human nature is arranged in such a way that it can always be found still whole cart and small " cart; other reasons to spoil to us our internal mood. Even if we externally do not show the emotional frustration or offense, then it does not mean yet that our sincere spirit as it should be. And if long time to deceive itself and to exhaust with it the bad mood deep into the heart then which as a result was long not treated bad mood can grow in a depression.

Small troubles, offenses, fleeting misunderstanding have property to collect in the deepest corners our novel until the end of soul, gradually turning into a stress. And the stress as all know, can or burst as a soap bubble, having turned into a nervous breakdown, or to be transformed to a long-playing depression which can make the life miserable dark thoughts or absolute indifference to all events around.

Let`s think together. Whether there is in this case some decision?

Of course, life of each person in the conditions of modern society cannot be completely protected from negative events, negative influence of gloomy adjusted people or some ridiculous failure. And will come to nobody to mind to hide under a glass cap from real life. But it is possible - to try to protect all the soul from too heavy emotional shocks.

At once the old joke, about two little sons, one of whom the optimist, and other pessimist, is remembered. Parents presented to both brothers for New year as a gift horses. To the pessimist - wooden toy. And to the optimist - newspaper kulechek with a horse dung. I so believe that, it is visible, at parents money was not enough for two wooden horses.

in the Morning, having woken up, each of brothers got under the pillow to check that they were brought as a gift by Father Frost.

the Child - the pessimist cried by the crying voice: Oh, wooden, and I wanted live! It is gray, and I wanted in apples!

what his brother - the optimist answered: And at me - live! Only she escaped!

If at us it turned out to find pleasure in time in what we have today and to derive from it emotional pleasure, then our ordinary would take a solar form. But not all are able, not all can do only by one easy movement of thought the negative emotions which are cunning masking under an elegant mask of grief, to turn into sincere pleasure which is capable to cure.

And if suddenly on a course of life there was such situation which seems absolutely unsoluble? Happens, and so. I will tell about one at the same time surprising and ridiculous scientific experiment about which read a few years ago. Scientists a cage with laboratory rats partitioned off

a glass wall in which put a piece of fresh tasty cheese.

of the Rat at first behaved very anxiously, rushed about around this glass obstacle. They looked on this titbit, heard a smell of cheese and nearly fell pads up from disappointment that it is impossible to reach the desirable. They awfully were nervous.

According to the conclusion of the psychologists making this experiment, laboratory rats tested a condition of a stress.

examinees animals ceased to react After a while too violently to the neighbourhood with cheese and proved somehow inertly and indifferently. On all psychological visibility, at this stage of a laboratory trial of a rat began to plunge into a condition of apathy.

A rodents recovered still after a while again and, without paying attention to cheese, began to show the usual behavior. What

can draw a conclusion from above-told? Perhaps, to us, people, it is time to learn at the nature in the person of these laboratory animals, not to be got jammed on unrealizable dreams, and to go further? Will find the long-awaited solution you sooner or later.

In the remarkable book Eleonor Porter Pollyanna it is told about the girl who learns to rejoice to all around, despite everything, and teaches it others, calling it game in pleasure . In the most difficult moments of life the little heroine tries to discover a reason for restoration of sincere forces, gradually increasing an emotional power of pleasure. And this game in pleasure infects all around, even, apparently, already hopelessly melancholic adults beaten by zhestokost of destiny and fatigue from failures.

Whether the sun if it is not behind your window today can learn to rejoice?

Probably, all - is possible. Because the sun exists irrespective of, we see it at present, or it is temporarily hidden behind clouds. Probably, it is worth remembering that all troubles in this world of a vremenna. And except them still there are also such moments which bring joy in soul. About pleasant the thicket needs to remember.

They say that happiness at each person in him. And it means, each of us has the internal sun. We often forget about it. And it is quite capable to warm and present light when it owing to the external reasons became suddenly cold or dark in our life.

Let the sun in your soul always shines, despite everything, pleasing you and surrounding with the positive emotions!