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The icicle (the Winter`s New Year`s Tale) of

A why and me not to participate in a competition of fairy tales? From all variety of age of our children, I chose one of the most difficult - from three to five. I do not know whether it turned out at me as Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky who has a book of the same name. One out of any doubts - I very much tried...

And as it turned out: to judge even not to the adult, but children. Try to read the fairy tale your kid, the son or the daughter, the grandson or the granddaughter, the nephew or the niece. And write to me, please, as kids apprehended the fairy tale...

Sincerely yours Yury Moskalenko.

An icicle not only girls and boys, but also kittens have to obey

of Mothers. How many to little Murzik his mother, Murk`s cat went on about it and he has all: go in one ear and out the other! Especially, when on the street it is so healthy - you will take a snowflake in a paw, you will look through it at the sun, and on a muzzle multi-colored beams - hares in different directions run up. You want for green run, you want - for violet, and it is better not to run in general anywhere: all the same you will not be in time All this the neighbour`s Tube is guilty

. He is more senior than Murzik for the whole three weeks and very much is proud of the name. His hostess, ten-year-old Masha goes to art school, at it always these paints in tubes, not one ten. Here only they on all apartment are scattered. And when Masha picked up on the street of the frozen kitten (A tube who still does not know it mother and the father, he never saw them), the poor creature was so hungry that so far Masha ran on kitchen and warmed up milk from the refrigerator, the kitten snatched on tubes. Thought that in them there are juicy small sausages. One familiar grandmother who felt sorry for him treated with sausage a kitten, and since then the Tube for the rest of life fell in love with sausages.

When Masha returned to the room and saw the bitten tubes, she at first very much became angry about a kitten. But it was such multi-colored: the left ear orange as an orange segment, the right ear lemon as fruit-paste sweet, a muzzle green, and through greens moustaches make the way, neither to give, nor to take - a cactus. The girl burst out laughing and called a kitten by the Tube.

And Murzik has both mother, and the father. The father in circus works, he is able to go, give on hinder legs to the clown any objects, allows other people`s children of to iron (work is work!). And mother at Murzik the most ordinary (the truth he so does not consider, mother at any kitten, as well as at the person, the best of all!) It protects the apartment from mice. But what mice in the city apartment on the sixth floor?! The father secretly from circus of the trained mice brings to it that it showed to parents of their hostess Olechka, as she not for nothing chews the bread. And then the father back in circus carries them.

Mother always learns Murzika that he was obedient. On the street selected nothing and the more so did not taste. On the street many different microbes live, they only also wait until Murzik approaches them that on it to snatch. They are very harmful these microbes, and want that the kitten got sick and to him then forty pricks from microbes pricked. Mother says that pricks it is not terrible, but Murzik saw that when Olechka got sick, and to her the doctor came to give an injection, the girl first very much was frightened. But the doctor got kind, and Olechka told then that a prick - it is not sick at all as the mosquito bit.

Murzik`s mosquitoes do not exasperate. It has too dense gray hair. And here he is afraid of microbes. And therefore always, when comes from walk washes away pads and washes. And yet never in life was ill. Till today.

Today since the morning Murzik felt very badly. At it the throat ached, and temperature rose. So mother who first of all touched a nose told (on scientific it is called nasal pocket mirror ) also it was convinced that it dry and constantly warm. Murzik did not want to be played, but there was a wish to lie down where - nibud behind a sofa that nobody - nobody stuck to it: neither mother, nor Olechka. In vain Olechka got its most favourite bow and on a thread lowered it for a sofa, inviting to game

to Murzik had no time for game. It was heavy to it to swallow and having not felt hungry. Tasty sausage and remained to lie untouched on a plateau. Of course, mother quickly found out that yesterday when Murzik played on the street with the Tube, that persuaded him to try to lick few times an icicle. Once Masha treated me with ice cream, such yum-yum. You try, an icicle

The Tube did not begin to lick an icicle, it wanted to try on Murzika what the animal such - an icicle is. And trustful Murzik licked, and not two, but the whole three times! Wanted to seem the hero

I should ache in such day! Mother said even earlier that today - New year, to them will come Father Frost, the kind wizard who distributes gifts. Father Frost will see it and will tell: And for disobedient kittens I have no gift . And what then? As early as the whole year of New year to wait? Murzik then already almost adult cat will become, and gifts to it will be uninteresting.

For offense Murzik nearly burst into tears, from his eyes tears began to slip. He quietly purred and did not notice how he fell asleep

he Woke up from some multi-colored light. Until he slept, Olechka decorated a fir-tree. On it there were such beautiful balls, garlands, a silvery rain that Murzik even wanted to taste it. But it already was scientist kitten. And suddenly the rain will be even colder than an icicle and then Murzik will get sick even stronger.

Murzik looked out from - for a sofa just while big, in a red fur coat, the bearded grandfather, asked Olechka: And what your most treasured desire? Olechka saw the unfortunate kitten and asked: I Want the grandfather, Moroz that my Murzik became healthy " rather;.

The grandfather approached Murzik absolutely close, held up the big palms, carefully took a kitten and suddenly lifted it on the upper part, whether slightly under a ceiling! From height at Murzik the head or maybe just from weakness nearly began to spin. He looked from - under a ceiling at the room and nearly burst out laughing: his mother Murka seemed small from here - small, even less Murzik.

Father Frost told Olechka: Be, your way! . He said some spell and three times Murzika around a fir-tree enclosed. And then transferred him to Olechka: Try its nose, it absolutely holodnenky .

And Murzik was indeed healthy. And with pleasure bit off from a goldfish whom the grandfather Moroz presented to it. It was not so chocolate, and from the most real fish, was only wrapped up in a gold foil, her Olechka developed.

About an icicle Murzik absolutely forgot. But when went outside - bypassed icicles the tenth road. Well, it! From - for it it did not pass slightly most important holiday