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What remarkable is in an ugly doll? Serious doll opposition of

of Fifty years will knock in the come 2009 to the beauty Barbie. The Mattel company earned billions of dollars from this brand. And Barbie, thanks to the image of the pyshnogrudy long-legged blonde revolutionary at that time who succeeded as a toy to chubby baby dolls rose on the first place of the toy market.

For many years, even decades, incomparable Barbie remained the most sold doll. She changed clothes and images, a hair color and hairdresses, got new friends and friends, mastered new professions and even got new nationalities, but its essence remained invariable - the ideal woman, the mysterious princess.

So was till 2001 until in the market of toys suddenly the new doll - Bratz which became the complete antithesis to the fantastic beauty loudly declared itself. Four doll characters with the exaggerated features and a fighting coloring - Jasmin, Chloe, Sasha and Jade had so extensive clothes, as Barbie, the truth their dresses became much more frank and modern.

In them there was nothing from the princess - a dzhinsa and rivets, sunglasses and belts, and still disproportion of a constitution, sensual lips, brightly made up eyes and the real eyelashes! Mixture of tendencies and styles pleased younger generation. And the idea of these dolls - teenagers was new - to suggest children to forget about magic dreamland and to go down on the guilty earth with its entertainments and realities.

As a result for few years four girlfriends - hooligans could press ideal Barbie whose authority seemed indestructible by then from a doll Olympus. By 2005 Bratts were already almost made even to her in popularity. And in the Mattel company responsible for drop in sales of the fantastic beauty recognized dolls Bratts.

Best of all will tell figures about success of repogolovy: by 2008 150 million dolls were sold worldwide, and the brand turned into the whole world of Bratz doing to the MGA company annual revenue in 2,5 billion dollars.

If before Barbie in the eyes acquired property - footwear, clothes, babies, pets, stables, a car etc., then Bratts became just top of toy concreteness - it is provided with all ladies` property. And all this ultrafashionable objects (mobile phones, cosmetics bags, computers, electro - tools etc.) Not that the old woman - Barbie with its eternal fantastic attributes!

All this provokes desire of teenagers to have, expand and accumulate not only dolls (which too very and are very various), but also all clothes which are applied to them and others the accompanying goods .

Unless Barbie could miss easily the reeled positions of the most known doll of the world to some alien freaks? Of course, no! Difficult doll opposition began. Even the parents (who already reconciled to the fact that their children play not habitual Katyami and Olyami, and long-legged blondes with a foreign name) entered in fight with the daughters regarding whether will be able and whether the rebel Bratts is worthy to replace Barbie. Teenagers assure that Barbie is for a malyshna, and Bratts magically attracts them, it is closer and more clear than them to heart.

MGA diligently maintains interest in the production: issues the magazine and the television cartoon serial Bratz creates video games and a series of clothes, even prepared a youth tape about adventures of four girls - teenagers.

Also producers of a doll - blondes do not lag behind: besides the magazine, computer games and statements of musicals, Mattel began to cooperate with the known company Adidas actively. So Barbie, Adidas dressed in company suits and supplied with accessories of this firm were available for sale. A task of creators at this stage - to let out the dolls which are keeping up to date and to draw in the ranks of girls is more senior.

After in 2006 sales volume Bratts exceeded traditionally high ratings of Barbie, began real toy war . Mattel decided to attract in the doll dismantling justice. Also achieved award of compensation in 100 million dollars (90 million for the caused damage and 10 million. for copyright infringement) though initially the sum of the claim made 2 billion dollars.

The Californian court established that the idea of a toy of Bratts arose at her designer Carter Bryant still when he worked under the contract not in MGA, and in Mattel. Even the first sketches of the main competitor Barbie are made on paper with their logo.

But MGA is not given and despite a failure of business declares that the company, but not Carter Bryant who has no relation to many products of a brand (in particular to the " series; Bratz Babyz Lil ´ Bratz and Bratz Kidz ), created these popular dolls. So doll opposition continues.

Of course, it is impossible to tell unambiguously which of competitors - Barbie or Bratts - is better. To solve everything - to buyers. But it is possible to say that it is one of the brightest doll wars which positively affects both competitors.