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What is alternative civil service?

One of the major innovations in the Russian legislation became reduction of term of military service about one year. Thanks to it children are not afraid of a hazing any more, many ceased to mow . Moreover, the state, in particular, the Ministry of Defence, carries actively out certain public relations - campaign of army that is promoted by mass media and television. What is only cost by series Kadetstvo or Soldiers ! There are more and more guys who want to serve.

I even more often meet such opinion that now it is simpler to serve and to sleep peacefully even if military life contradicts vital installations. And what if the person - the categorical pacifist, or his religion does not allow to take the weapon in hand?

Many just do not know that there is an alternative civil service . For example, only 255 people will go to a fall draft to an alternativka. Except absence of sensible knowledge, in many respects unpopularity of AGS is connected with myths and misinformation.

What is an alternativka? Excerpt from the Federal law on AGS: The Alternative civil service is a special type of work for the benefit of society and the state which is carried out by citizens instead of a military service . That is instead of putting on a uniform and to sit in entrenchments, the young man goes to work. Among employers - Russian Post Federal Agency for Special Construction and also social establishments: boarding schools, orphanages, hospitals and so on.

To get on an alternativka, it is necessary for half a year to an appeal to submit the application in which to specify professional skills and a desirable position. There are all two groups of citizens who can pass AGS. These are people whose beliefs or religion are contradicted by execution of military service, and the representatives of the indigenous ethnic group of Russia who are engaged in traditional crafts.

During an appeal the commission considers applications of potential alternatives and employers and issues the decision where to direct the person. As a rule, the service passes outside the native region of the recruit. However in connection with recent trends in housing market the employer is often not able to provide the residence. In that case it is possible to serve near the house.

After the alternative was sent to the place of service, he signs the employment contract with the employer, and further their relations are governed by the Labour Code of the Russian Federation, the Law on AGS and other legal documents.

One of the most popular myths about such sort of service is the opinion that it passes at the defensive enterprises. Yes, along with hospitals, mail and orphanages, among employers there are also military establishments, however the name AGS says that this service - civil and is not connected with army in any way.

In what of feature of AGS ? In - the first, it is bigger term, than at military service. At the moment it makes 21 months (for those who went to work after January 1, 2008). In - the second, in our country AGS is an innovation and now is at an improvement stage.

An essential lack of civil service is the salary. But, according to Sergey Krivlenko, the secretary of the " coalition; For democratic AGS the essential step forward and " was taken; the salary was raised to a living wage . However, as Yury Gertsiy, the Head of the Federal Service for Labour and Employment speaks, many children during service make families, and come back home on the cars.

This shortcoming is a little brightened up by an opportunity to combine work with study, is career grow, and then, maybe, and to remain on this place. Besides, in case of exterritorial service (not in the region), the housing is provided to alternatives.

Such portrait of the guy which serves on AGS turns out: he is about 20 years old, he has the housing, work and small money, he can study or work part-time, move ahead on a career ladder, and he will come back home unambiguously the expert with experience. In case of categorical unwillingness to go on a voyenka, alternative service - quite acceptable option.