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How to win against cockroaches? Prophylactics against domestic insects in the form of various traps, powders, gels, aerosols to buy

not the problem now. Certainly, the modern industry does everything possible to facilitate fight with illegal immigrants - parasites.

Other question whether there correspond the advertized means to those characteristics which are so colourfully painted in the guide to their use? After development of the industry also the number of underground producers grows. And in actual fact known " brand; it can appear brand unknown author.

You do not want to risk the money? Then address experience of last generations. National recipes are a well of useful and original material. Here several councils for those who decided to be engaged in exile of cockroaches from the dwelling.

Is well-known that where purity and an order is observed, there is nothing to do to neither diseases, nor their carriers, nor any parasites. At present abundance of the market of household chemicals it is very simple to reach it. Impute to yourself for the rule to surely clean the food remains from a table after the end of pleasant procedure of a pishchepogloshcheniye. You are not going to feed up cockroaches?! Also do not forget to sweep crumbs from a floor. Otherwise bright creatures will quickly drag off them to themselves in granaries . Food waste and garbage should be held in densely closed buckets which, in turn, costs in due time to unload in a refuse chute. Thus, these uninvited, unpleasant guests have no place and there will be nothing to profit. You will doom them to hunger.

Also one more factor of fight against cockroaches is important. It is desirable that the gas stove and a sink in your kitchen not only shone purity, but also would not be covered with moisture droplets. Then cockroaches will have almost nothing to wash down food. After hunger also the drying-up thirst will begin to pursue them. Having selected food and drink at cockroaches, you thereby deprive of them the basic - the sources giving strength for their activity.

And if together with the above to apply also shock, temperature therapy, then effect considerably will increase. The matter is that cockroaches, as well as any other living beings, not especially respect the lowered air temperature. Means, their activity will be considerably reduced if in a cold season for the night in kitchen to open a window leaf. The main thing only not to go too far in similar experiment. And that not cockroaches, and owners of the apartment should escape.

If the colony of red parasites nevertheless attacked you, do not despair. Adopt one of folk remedies of fight against cockroaches. Carefully process them those territories who are visited by annoying creatures, and also those places which can become object of their attention. It is better to repeat processing several times, with an interval in 5 - 6 days.

The compounding of folk remedies is surprising is simple. For example, pyrethrum powder. It is almost harmless to the person. Represents the dried-up and crushed flowers of the Caucasian or dalmatsky camomile. The smell of this grass does not irritate airways of the person, but it brings cockroaches to a state of the indescribable horror which is followed by paralysis. Powder of pyrethrum is sprayed in habitats illegal immigrants about 2 g on 1 sq.m. But you remember that for parasites only fresh powder of pyrethrum is pernicious. The term of its storage is no more than 6 months.

It is useful for business and the drill. Powder of this substance is usually mixed with equal amount of flour or icing sugar. Received appetizing mix is displayed a thin layer on pieces of cardboard or tin covers from cans. And then plateaus with an entertainment place near the gas stove, the battery of a central heating, a sink. You should not bypass also ventilating grates, a plinth. There will pass only several days, and be sure, prepared thus viands will play the most pernicious role lives of cockroaches.

And my grandmother, for example, treated cockroaches to an imperial entertainment at all. It took boric acid, flour, sugar, egg and water. In total in equal quantities. Carefully mixed ingredients. Dough, as on vareniki or pelmeni turned out. The grandmother molded from it balls. And then displayed them on perimeter of kitchen. Cockroaches were full a gratuitous entertainment. But it was not necessary to envy them. After feasts they perished. Boric acid dried up interiors of parasites. And as the grandmother closed all sources of water for the night, hopes for rescue from dehydration cockroaches did not have.

My neighbors thought up even more cunning way of fight against domestic insects. They brought from giving means against the Colorado beetle. In the instruction to means it was told that it is necessary to part it in a water bucket. But neighbors arrived in any other manner. Instead of a water bucket they used only a mayonnaise can. Neighbors dipped cotton wool in the turned-out solution and coated all places where cockroaches were noticed. You represent what became with domestic parasites?! They were treated with a mad dose of a poison. Corpses, of course, were not. But cockroaches were gone at all. Probably, quietly died in the shelters, damning that day when visited the apartment of our neighbors.

By the way, about neighbors. Unite with them in your noble fight for the sovereignty . Otherwise cockroaches and will travel from you to neighbors, and from neighbors - to you. These shameless creatures will find any openings, as if you tried to liquidate any cracks and gaps between walls.

Your business - right! cockroach sort brings to the human race a great deal of trouble. So it is allowed to beat off similar external aggression in all available ways.