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What contact lenses it is better to carry at an allergy?

Some people consider that lenses can cause allergic reaction. Such assumption is very popular belief.

In some cases rough immune reaction can arise in itself. It is not the result of carrying contact lenses. Lenses only give additional irritation at an inflammation of eyes. Very often allergic reaction is caused by solution for care of lenses.

If you suffer from a seasonal allergy, in eyes it can be shown in the form of conjunctivitis. During the reddening of eyes, the gripes, an itch and tears running a stream it is necessary to see the allergologist. In case of an allergy it is also recommended to take the following measures: to use eye drops which differ in small viscosity, and also the preparations of an artificial tear which are not containing preservatives for removal of irritants; it is more often to wash; to make mechanical cleaning of lenses with special solution; to carry corrective or sunglasses, skintight to the person.

If you have an allergic reaction to solution for care of lenses, it is necessary to discuss this moment with the doctor. As a rule, the allergy is caused by preservatives which are a part of means. Ophthalmologists do not recommend to change players at discretion. If any concrete solution is ideally suited for you, you should not continue to experiment. Stop on that solution which does not cause allergic reaction when using. If reaction remains at the use of any means on leaving, immediately address the expert for establishment of the reason of its emergence.

As means the special drops which are not containing preservatives are applied to pain relief in eyes for allergic reaction. It is possible to use them both to, and after carrying lenses. For care of lenses it is necessary to exclude the means containing any preservatives. It is recommended to reduce time of carrying lenses and to apply contact lenses from other material, for example, soft or disposable.

Perhaps, application of one-day contact lenses will become that exit from current situation which you look for. These lenses are safest and convenient. They do not demand special leaving since after one-day use they just go to a bucket, and the new couple of lenses is put on in the morning.

In comparison with traditional lenses this type has the mass of advantages. First of all, this convenience in application. You will not need to look after them every day. Need to carry or carry with itself the special container, and also means for cleaning disappears. In them deposits do not collect, and visual acuity remains former.

When using one-day contact lenses it is not necessary to remember when it is necessary to carry out planned disinfection of lenses. And in general it is possible to forget about it in the absence of the subject for disinfection.

of the Lens of this type do not cause irritation and dryness of eyes. At their carrying allergic reaction, as a rule, does not arise.

However and disposable lenses have one big defect - their price. The set of such lenses will cost you in two - three times more expensive in comparison with the same couple of lenses. And still many people preferring comfort use one-day lenses. They are also often bought for children. Unfortunately, the child not always accurately watches hygiene of the lenses therefore it is much simpler to use lenses which it is not necessary to look after.

One-day contact lenses are also recommended to allergic persons for an aggravation. They considerably relieve pain and gripes in eyes. To users of rigid lenses also recommend to use disposable lenses when bathing or for the period of a campaign.