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How to learn whether the guy wants to leave you?

the Strong and long relations are a cherished dream of each girl. Many of us, being in the relations, are sure that their dream already came true. But whether so it actually? You are happy and in love, you are envied by girlfriends and fellow workers, life seems the fairy tale in reality. But here one fine day, your young man tells you what there passed the love, as they say, faded tomatoes, fast puts the things in a suitcase and sails away in the unknown direction, having darted finally a sad look in your party. And you lose one with a chipped washing-tub which was your strong and unsinkable as you wanted to be trusted, a love ship.

To avoid such unexpected turn of events, it is worth coming back sometimes to Earth on the guilty earth not to be left and lonely. Actually, to notice whether the young man, not so difficult grew cold to you. Do not hesitate to state the doubts, at least, to yourself. If the intuition prompts to you that not everything is as smooth as it seems at first sight, then most likely and it also is.

So, we pass to consideration of the main signs symbolizing that want to leave you:

Refusal of your guy to speak with you by phone can appear the first disturbing call . It is natural if you call him on twenty times per day, then he can be understood, but in case of constant the subscriber is out of an access zone the answer instead of conversation, it is worth becoming thoughtful strong and whether want to communicate with you in general? It is not necessary to panic too, you never know what problems happen at the person, but if it is not possible to communicate within several days, then he, obviously, avoids you and is going to leave you.

The following sign of the unsuccessful relations is gradual fading of a sexual inclination of your partner . As a rule, men are initiators if business concerns occupations by love. Otherwise, your young man does not feel a sexual attraction to you, and it is a sure sign of the fact that you were stopped loving.

The feeling of discomfort also is a sign of the bad relations . If to you or your partner it is uncomfortable in the company of each other whether then it is worth continuing such relations which lead to an absolute indifference or even feeling of hostility. Believe that without passion and respect of the relation it is impossible to call the presents, and to remain with the person only to avoid loneliness, it is just self-deception and to spend for it the life silly.

And the last, but important and indicative sign that you were stopped loving it is unwillingness of your young man to be published with you , that is, he constantly thinks out all excuses only to spend evening with the friends without you. Perhaps, it hesitates of you or just to it is uninteresting to spend time with you. In any of these cases you are superfluous in his life, and it leads to destruction of the relations.

However you should not throw the guy most at once, if you noticed one of these signs in the relations, then it optional has to mean that you were stopped loving by the young man and he wants to break up with you. Before drawing hasty conclusions, talk to it and, perhaps, you will see that the reason of such behavior is not that it lost to you interest. Remember that many problems in the relations can be solved peacefully, without scandals and quarrels, and it is always much simpler to destroy what is, than to construct something new. Love and mutual understanding to you!