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How to acquaint the child with a pet?

Emergence in the house of a new pet - always a joyful and long-awaited event, in particular for your child. Therefore it is no wonder that your kid lasts towards to a puppy or a kitten as soon as the fluffy small animal appears in your house. He experiences the whole range of emotions for pleasure before surprise. However reaction of a kitten or puppy can be not such positive, and the delight of the child can be apprehended by an animal as potential threat. Hissing or bark can be distributed, and the child will be frightened or will begin to cry, in particular, if your kid still absolutely small.

You should not be surprised to such behavior from the child, it is natural that animals cause delight in children and reaction of pets can be explained too. For this reason you are obliged to present the new family member to the child safe, but in too time in the interesting way. There are certain rules which you have to observe during acquaintance of your child to a fluffy small animal:

1 . Before bringing a kitten or a puppy to the house, be convinced that claws of an animal are cut and will not be able to do much harm to the child.

2 . Do not allow a kitten or a puppy to lick a face of your kid.

3 . Do not leave the child together with a pet unguarded of adults.

4 . Do not admit a kitten or a puppy to a crib.

5 . Often attacks of animals on children happen from - for the fact that children do to animals harm in the course of game, for example, pull a tail or ears. Explain to the child a difference between game and causing pain to the living being.

6 . Accustom the kid to care for an animal from the moment of acquaintance to it, careful attitude from the child will only help to adjust good relationship with a pet.

7 . Involve the child and a fluffy small animal in joint game process, so it will be easier for them to find a common language. There are also special developing games which train the child makes thrifty use of animals during fascinating game.

8 . Be surely convinced that your kid has no allergy to cat`s or dog wool, and take care of that at a pet all necessary vaccination before you bring it to the house were done.

It is possible that after reading of this list of rules you will begin to doubt and whether it is worth getting in general a cat or a dog if you in a family have a child who needs to pay much attention too. I assure you that costs, appearance of a fluffy small animal in the house causes not only constant delight in your kid, but also teaches it to responsibility and care with pets. Besides the fact that the child acquires useful vital data on how it is necessary to behave with animals, he also can catch the good friend in the person of a kitten or a puppy.

Be not afraid privoditv the house of a new pet, it is interesting and cheerful, and not only for your child, but also for all family! The main thing - care for the puppy or a kitten and love it, and he will surely reciprocate to you!