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How to the girl to avoid a rupture of the relations with the guy?

the Rupture of the long and serious relations can be very painful. In order to avoid a depression which, as a rule, follows a rupture of the relations and, actually, of the termination of the relations, it is necessary to follow quite simple rules and not to make typical mistakes which can destroy even the strongest union.

In - the first, perceive it such what it is . If you live together already long time, then, undoubtedly, you know about all shortcomings of your young man. To you it is not necessary to try to correct something in it if you once reconciled to its negative traits of character. All of you equally will not achieve the but only worsen mutual understanding.

Better than pay more attention to its advantages . Remember, nobody is ideal, and you including. Noticing only its bad qualities, you will be irritated more and stronger every day, and it, undoubtedly, will lead you to continuous scandals. In each person there is a lot of good and bad, so, that it is better to pay attention to advantages, than to shortcomings.

The different vital purposes can also destroy the strong relations . Sometimes people live together, but want from life of absolutely different. So, for example, you in twenty with small dream of a family and children, he sees himself the owner of large business to years to thirty and therefore it is not ready to have a family before this age. In advance find out what your young man wants to achieve to avoid a similar situation.

Do not enter the conflicts with his relatives and friends . Very often people leave from - for the fact that they did not manage to find a common language with close members of the family or friends of the soulmate. Mutual understanding with a family of your young man is very important aspect in any relations. It is not necessary to put itself above a family of your guy at all or to force it to choose among themselves and relatives. Believe, he will choose not you, the family is much more important for many, and your young man can be understood. Even if you do not like someone from his relatives or friends, good manners still nobody cancelled therefore just try to be polite and friendly.

The question of whether it is worth forgiving change or not, is especially personal. It is known that small change can destroy big love. But if you forgive to adventures of the young man on the party, then forgive and forget about them once and for all . He should not remind of what causes unpleasant memoirs and awkward feelings in both of you. If forgave you, then never compare it to your lover, even during quarrels.

Once again it would be desirable to touch upon a subject of shortcomings of your guy. Agree that it is easier to accept the fact that your young man is a sloven, than to be reconciled with alcoholic or drug addiction. Naturally, not should throw at once the guy if he becomes the addict or the alcoholic . Give it chance, especially, if you see his desire to get rid of addictions. Perhaps, at such difficult moment your support and understanding is necessary for it. Of course, it is not necessary to sacrifice the life if the person does not seek to improve and refuses your help.

Any human relationship demands many efforts on both sides for their maintenance. The special attention should be paid to affairs warm. Remember that mutual understanding and patience are a basis of the strong relations!