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On a note to parents. That their children want from them.

Oh, as nevertheless it is difficult to be the teenager... Each person from 14 to 17 years at least once thought of it. Parents are the main reason of such thoughts. It would seem, parents gave us life, they very much care for us and do only the best for us. And if to look from the point of view of the teenager, then it is possible to draw a conclusion that they do not give life, constantly specify what to do how to put on and to walk what is the time. Subconsciously parents understand that at such age of people everything told in the party perceives very sharply, it is easy to bring them out of an equilibrium state and to anger outright. But they often forget it. Parents constantly dictate to us what to do, but our instructions do not take seriously. If parents knew how we want that they understood us. I with own hand conducted survey at my school under the name Rules of conduct of parents in relation to their maturing teenagers . Results were very much even interesting.


1. Parents should not to pose as spies . Very annoys and bothers when you come home and, without having managed to take off outerwear, you are filled up with questions. For example: Where you were? With whom was? Why so long walked? What did you do there? What was eaten? and many other things.

2. Parents should not as if accidentally to look what becomes in a bag at the son / daughter. Very many parents know that in a bag at their child. In general, by rules of etiquette, not very well whom you each other have, it is impossible to climb in a bag of other person. It is considered that the bag is especially personal and inviolable. So, parents even if it is very interesting to you that is there, do not look!

3. Parents should not point daily to a disorder in the room. Parents and what to you a difference on a disorder in the room? It is my room and I live in it! This slogan many teenagers adhere. The room is personal. It has a set of secrets and secrets. So I warn: not to hear shouts and unpleasant phrases, do not clean our rooms. Naturally, we will wash the floors, of course, but into the account of the scattered pieces of paper and clothes just it is better to remind or in general to be silent.

4. Parents never have to compare the teenager to someone another or to themselves. Especially such phrase irritates: When I was at your age... You Understand, it extremely strongly wounds self-esteem of the teenager. As I spoke above, at this age everything is perceived very sharply. Comparing to someone the teenager, you can receive in reply many unpleasant phrases and words. If you want to condemn us for something, it is better to tell it directly because direct discussion of a problem leads to its decision.

5. Parents should not forbid to put on as there is a wish (well, of course within decency). We, probably, know better what to us to dress and in what case. Of course, to give advice it is welcomed, but not to force or specify.

Thus, it would be very desirable that parents heard us. It is possible to live in harmony and the world, but that to reach it it is necessary to work by rules of both parties, and not just that that has the power and force.