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How to set the purposes

the Original of the article how to set the purposes

The STEP 1

to set the effective purposes, in - the first, you have to represent clearly and distinctly, FOR WHAT to you are necessary to the purpose. Till present time you did not aim why now you need it? The description, than the purposes are, you will find on the page about the purposes and need to set the purposes. In - the second, it is important to represent what purposes for achievement of maximum efficiency have to be. read to

About need of the purposes in human life on the page need of the purposes.

1. Why you need to set the purposes.

2. What it is necessary that there were purposes which you set?

The STEP 2 On the second arm with

with a sheet of paper and the handle. Now present to

that since this moment there passed 10 years. Describe in all details, the lifestyle as you spend time, than you are engaged. The more in details your description, the will be easier for you to set the purposes and the your purposes will be more effective.

Is one very important condition: Write

so as if all this will occur, but it is more than what you wrote, you never receive . That is, if you write that you want to earn 10,000$/month, then you never receive 11,000$/month. Present that you establish yourself the maximum top level, a such ceiling of achievements.

Second important condition: Write

much and in details . I consider that it is necessary at least 2 pages of the printing text of the A4 format or 4 pages of the hand-written text A4. These are only my recommendations about a subject, statements are more whole. You are not obliged to trust me and to follow them, just try to execute, and suddenly the result will surpass all expectations.

I will provide to you the list of areas that it was simpler to you to create the description:

1. Work / Business

What is the time in days I work with

How many income sources I have

What these are sources of the income

of 2. A family

What is the time I give to a family

What relations at me in a family

What lifestyle I provide for my family

Where we live

In what house and the apartment we live

Where we have a rest

As we have a rest

What at us

cars Additional resources of comfort the yacht, the plane, etc.

3. The social sphere

What friends I have

How many friends I have

To what social groups I belong to

What benefit I bring to society

How I positively influence this world

the STEP 3 Now from the text written by you you easily can allocate to

the purposes

on the basis of your description, you have the following purposes:

1. house, apartment

2. business(es), work

3. rest

4. travel


6 car. entertainments

And all these purposes have the term of 10 years as you described the life in 10 years. the STEP 4


, satisfy or your purposes to characteristics of the effective purposes described on the page the characteristic are more whole. If satisfy, then you pass to the following step for deeper work with the purpose. If is not present, return on a step 2 and change the description.

The STEP 5

Now for each purpose you have to have the clearest idea.

That is that you are obliged to know accurately what car you want to have. It is impossible just to tell Mercedes. It is necessary to tell Mercedes - Benz CLK 500 of silvery color. Obligatory parameters:


2 brand)

3 model)

4 color) body type (compartment, sedan, cabriolet, station wagon, pickup, miniveins and t. ).

The essence is in that in mind there was the clearest picture of what you want. It as in the camera, you direct sharpness. Good photos always with good sharpness.


the STEP 6

It is chosen your most valuable purposes.

you Here have the list from 20 purposes. Imagine that you can achieve only one objectives from this list. Imagine

to yourself that you can achieve only one objectives from this list. What purpose you will choose? Lead round it a circle. Further you choose the following purpose by the same principle. You have the purpose, the second for a priority, and then a third. These are yours 3 most valuable purposes. Concentrate on their performance.

The STEP 7

Every day come back to three purposes.

Think of them as often as possible, represent yourself possessing these things.

Get used to them. Feel comfortable with these things. Feel comfort to live in such big house. Do it at least 2 times a day. I am sure, you guessed: the seventh step is a step of auto-suggestion. Read in more detail that such auto-suggestion and methods of auto-suggestion.

I cannot guarantee you success. You can guarantee success to yourself.

according to only 3% of people write down the purposes on paper, and these people achieve the biggest results in the life. you can hear

About an auto-suggestion role in the course of achievement of dream everywhere.

This phenomenal opening by means of which you are capable to control and operate the life.

This phenomenal opening by means of which you can control the life.

It is sure that at you everything will turn out. I BELIEVE


And now get to work!

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