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In what their secret? Aspasia is the most great hetera of Athens

Who they are are Ancient Greek heteras? First of all, heteras were muses, girlfriends and clever advisers, and communication with these, shirokoobrazovanny women not only was not considered during an antique era as something reprehensible, but also was honourable.

Men devoted them love verses and pieces of music, creators from art are obliged to them by the inspiration and the works - masterpieces: sculptures, pictures, frescos Rich and powerful admirers in eager rivalry tried to deserve their favor.

But heteras knew the own worth too and highly bore the rank, and therefore only those men who were him to liking were their patrons. In exchange beloved received generous gifts and expensive gifts. The case when the hetera received from one of the admirers rich lands with vineyards is known.

Aspasia was one of outstanding Ancient Greek heteras (5th century. BC) . It is clever, beautiful and educated - this uncommon woman not only submitted, but also subordinated herself the people winning first place in state machinery. The sculptor Pheidias and the governor of Athens Pericles were in love with it.

The knowledge of rhetoric and philosophy this cleverest woman did not concede to men of science. Socrates admired her mind, listening to her reasonings. But, submitting men mind, Aspasia did not forget also about art of beauty. She not only with uspekhoy used knowledge in cosmetology and art of a make-up in practice, but also embodied them in The Treatise about preservation of beauty in two parts where gave a set of recipes of face packs and hair, means for rejuvenescence, and other ways for face care and a body.

At ladies from noble in Ancient Greece it was not accepted to be painted. In an arsenal decent notable (and not really) women there were a massage, care of hair, grindings by the most rare aromas brought from Asia, but fighting coloring persons was not allowed and considered as a bad form. And still it is not excluded, as noble women secretly read now and then cosmetic advice to Aspasia.

As for heteras, among them its recommendations had invariable success and were the most present manual to action. Yes, the make-up was obligatory for heteras. They not only were allowed to be painted - it was necessary for them. And how was after stormy nights and vigils to mask traces of fatigue or withering? And it was necessary to look always on all hundred!

For herself personally Aspasia invented own, exclusive for her skin the picked-up mask which recipe was not disclosed and she trained her with own hand, imposing daily before going to bed or, it is more correct to tell, nightly, as she went to bed only at daybreak, after a night feast or a feast. Also slept till next evening as describe biographic sources.

Morning heteras was slow and full of pleasant procedures. After awakening of madam slave helped it to make ablution in a huge vessel in the form of a bowl Then, having carefully pro-massed and having warmed a fine body of the hetera, they pounded her skin fabulously expensive overseas aromas. Specially trained slave by means of special gold needles and hairpins set Aspasia`s hair in a difficult and beautiful hairdress from the mass of brilliant ringlets.

The further make-up was not less difficult, long and slow (that reminds ritual of making-up of the Japanese geishas). To bleach the person, used white lead (about - ochchen harmful to skin and an organism in general, but heteras then still did not know it ), a thick layer putting them on a face. Cheeks covered with blush from juice of mulberry berries or a root alkanes tinctorial.

Soyednyala eyebrows in one line that according to standards of that time was fashionable, and densely brought them antimony. Lips and even a breast, especially nipples, painted with a carmine... The translucent tunic and jewelry from fresh flowers were an integral part of a toilet of the hetera.

Carefully and with taste decorated thus, the hetera even if also forty-year-old, looked a woman without age; to be exact, a beautiful creature just in the color - at the age of love.

Vot and Aspasia, having performed the traditional daily ritual of transformation into a beautiful, sensual tigress - the temptress, expected hour when her enthusiastic lover Pericles with rich gifts came... What charm, art to get

to fall in love and to fascinate, it was necessary to possess to the woman that the first figure of the state not only supported her as the mistress, but would make it then also the lawful wife!

As well as stuck to the spouse of the governor, the young wife was not only is as an angel beautiful, but also is clever so that one managed to replace to the beloved and the governor of Athens the whole arsenal of advisers and advisers, making speeches for its performances, helping with adoption of important political decisions, accompanying darling even in military campaigns, as well as it is necessary to the leader`s adviser. It was the exceptional case for all history of antique Greece when philosophers and politicians followed advice of the woman.

According to contemporaries, Pericles passionately loved the wife. He kissed it and when leaving and upon return, and this attachment was sincere! Pericles and Aspasia lived together twenty years, but when the terrible epidemic of plague which came from the East fell upon Athens it bypassed and Pericles`s house. The great number of relatives of a happy married couple died.

Then the governor

I even after twenty years of marriage ached and died, having endured Pericles, Aspasia did not lose the unusual charm and influence on an opposite sex. After death of the spouse she soon marries again - this time the national leader Lisikl. Life of the beautiful woman proceeded!

The hetera Phrynia was not less famous, than Aspasia. But unlike the spouse of the governor of Athens, she did not shine with either devil mind, or participation in political life. She did not make any fatal, daring acts. It had only beauty. But what it was beauty!

Of course, it would be desirable to tell about this legendary woman separately. And about it is in my article In what their secret? Phrynia, just beauty