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What are subordinated?

Are such interesting science - psychology of management. Still it is called psychology of management or organizational psychology. She studies psychological aspects of relationship of heads and subordinated, formations of working team and all something like that. Now I want to tell you about what are subordinated, that is about the types subordinated. Different authors made this classification rather conditionally. I will tell only of the most unusual types of the subordinated (workers).

1. Mentor. Most often it is the most skilled, the most senior of group of workers. He with pleasure imparts experience with beginners, learns, helps, but does not impose the help.

2. Intelligence agent. In other words, it is the informer, six . Such person constantly sniffs up tracks down who badly works who distracts who has an affair on a workplace and reports on everything on the administration.

3. Closer. This worker likes to finish others work, corrects errors of the colleagues, without demanding and without expecting gratitude. But also he copes with the duties perfectly. Everything is in time.

4. Story-teller. Such person, coming to work, tells the colleagues even if those do not wish to listen to him, literally about everything: as he slept at night that he ate that he looked and read, any gossips. With story-teller it is not necessary to be frank, otherwise next day he will give your secret on a workplace, will trumpet it on all collective.

5. Rebel. Such worker does not accept all: working schedule, plan, rules of conduct, labor norms. He becomes the instigator of strikes, strikes, affords alcoholism on a workplace and instigates colleagues to make something similar.

6. Boaster. the Name speaks for itself! This person will not get to work, will not brag yet what he is a good fellow and how many made last time and as it was praised by the administration. When he spends the fuse, will speak, at once will turn into excellent executive subordinated.

7. Poser. Such worker wants that he was persuaded, asked to make something. Especially he is capricious if from it fast decision-making is required. He waits that the administration will kneel and will finish somewhat quicker already the decision to accept.

8. Whiner. This person, having come to work, begins to complain to colleagues of everything: on the administration, on working conditions, on bad mood, on a headache. Having communicated to the whiner, the working collective will - bondage becomes despondent, all are covered by pessimism and feeling of a hopelessness.

9. Peacekeeper. From the name it is clear that this person seeks to settle all conflicts in collective, is able to extinguish the arising quarrel on a root.

10. Drummer. Such person works as damned, he feels happy only at work, and all because at it or disagreement in a family, or houses nobody waits for it and nothing pleases.

11. Homebrew psychologist. Such worker secretly watches all, makes in mind the characteristic on everyone (a psychological portrait), draws far-reaching conclusions, distributes councils to the right and on the left, even when it is not asked about it.

12. Anxious Well, here too everything is clear. Such person does not need to give any reasons that he could not satisfy at your expense the imaginations (sexual, of course).

13. The person with the hidden plans. Such worker often invites the colleagues to an informal meeting: for lunch, begins to show the friendly arrangement and slowly gets the necessary information which then can use against them from colleagues.

I hope, to you, dear readers, this classification and this article was pleasant. If yes, in following I tell that about what heads, our nachalnichka are that is! And let chiefs do not take offense at me!