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In what houses there live dayak?

Life of the Japanese soldier was estimated at ten dollars - money, huge for natives. It is not surprising that dayak instantly launched guerrilla war: in - the first, the custom of ancestors, and in - the second was still fresh in memory, it was possible to win fame of the soldier and " again; officially to become the man. Japanese, having suffered unexpected losses, quickly enough understood in what they business, and put an end to hunting.

But dayak, without thinking twice, switched to the Chinese farmers and before British understood that instead of the heads of Japanese they are brought by the heads of civilians, very many Chinese were killed. Naturally, British ceased to pay to dayaka money and those returned to peaceful life. The last hunting of dayak happened in the sixties the twentieth century, some fifty years ago. Then Kalimantan became a battlefield between Indonesia and Malaysia in the civil war launched by the president of Indonesia Sukarno.

It is interesting that so aggressive natives do not possess either a strong constitution and high growth, or big physical force. Puny and undersized, dayak compensate physical abilities by matchless skills of hunting. The main weapon at dayak - a long tube which can be used both as a spear, and as the killing tool for firing by darts. Process of production of such tube shooting on kind one hundred meters - very laborious occupation demanding a wide experience.

There can be an impression that dayak only and did in days of old that hunted at each other, but actually it not so. The culture and peace traditions of the tribes inhabiting the island of Kalimantan are of not smaller interest, than hunting behind the heads . Here both unusual dwellings, and mysterious ceremonies of drawing tattoo, and magnificent abilities of woodcarving, and many other things.

From time immemorial unpretentious dayak live in peculiar hostels - long houses. Of course, by the beginning of the twenty first century, houses changed a little, but the essence remained the same. Tropical heavy rains on Kalimantan - not a rarity, and therefore dwellings of dayak are based upon the wooden piles protecting inhabitants from flooding.

In wild times of hunting behind the heads of the house rose by height, unapproachable for enemies, - about ten meters, now the distance from the earth to the house makes from two to four meters. The Dayaksky village can consist even of one house capable to contain more than fifty families, but is more often than such dwellings a little, and they are under construction or on shallows of the rivers, or on their high coast, and in length make several hundreds of meters.

Dayaki is decorated by the dwellings with traditional woodcarving: wooden elements of a long shed, including massive piles, often represent works of art on which spirits and deities are represented, or animals are inhabitants of the jungle. Before the house were under construction of the dense brevyon capable to keep more century, and the room could even not be divided by partitions between families inside - private life of everyone became property of all tribe. In houses usually there was no furniture, but in any dwelling surely there was a place for a sacred corner where dayak stored the most intimate: usually it were the relics which remained from ancestors.

The verandah was intended for storage of the general property in long houses, and the simple personal belongings of a dayaka were suspended on a wall, or under a roof. Today such arrange it is characteristic of the tribes at all rejecting a civilization. Houses of less conservative natives represent not a shed, but a set of the apartments connected with each other, that is families live separately.

The internal space of the house is divided by piles on which there are also modern houses into personal zones, a recreation area and the general zone. As before, the leader predominates in the long house, and besides it it is obligatory to eat the shaman and the herbalist. Any can become the herbalist, and the shaman - only chosen spirits that is usually shown in a dream. Both the herbalist, and the shaman are capable to provide the minimum medical care.

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